#ThrowbackThursday: Face-Off #newadult #sportsromance #contemporary

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“You do this all the time?”

Dean glanced over to his girlfriend as she entered the bathroom. He was in the middle of trimming his beard before he showered. “I have to keep it nice and neat.”

She hopped up on the counter and watched him meticulously cut his beard. His eyes narrowed as he pinched a small pocket of hair and carefully trimmed across. “I thought you paid someone to do that?”

“Oh no. Too many barbers get scissor-happy with me and want me to look all metrosexual and shit,” Dean slightly shook his head, “I only trust myself with these scissors.”

“Do you trust me?”

Dean paused in a mid-trim and read his reaction in the mirror. A fury of emotions flashed across his face. Distrust. Apprehension. Fear. The last one he figured was due to a possibility of being stabbed in the throat.

He swallowed and let out a small sigh before he looked over to his smiling girlfriend. He really wanted to tell her, ‘fuck, no’ but he also knew he didn’t have to speak every thought that went into his mind. A woman with a sharp pair of scissors close to his chin and neck didn’t sound a like a good time to him. It did sound silly that he trusted Sydney enough to move in with him but not enough to trim his beard.

Love was a funny thing. “Um, sure, babe.” He handed the scissors over to her and stood in between her legs. “Go ahead.”

Sydney grabbed a small inch of hair and neatly trimmed in line with the others. She examined Dean’s face to see if it looked even and was proud of her achievement. She grabbed another inch and trimmed when Dean suddenly yelled. “Ow!”

Sydney stiffened and swallowed. “Damn it!” She grabbed her mouth in worry and hoped she didn’t cause too much bloodshed. “Are you okay?” Dean leaned over and chuckled in response. “Yo, that’s so not funny!”

“I thought you cut me, babe,” he chuckled.

“Okay, okay, I’ll be more careful next time,” she conceded.

Dean remained in between Sydney’s legs as she continued to trim his beard. “You got pretty close, though. You got close.”


I’m over my anxiety attack so full steam ahead on Power Play. Release date TBA.

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