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I Knew You Were Trouble - L

“Knock, knock,” Kaia tapped on Julian’s open door.

He turned around and felt his breath catch in his throat. Her long, purple ringlets flowed down her back. She wore a simple white tank top with dark flared jeans. She was barefoot, with her nails painted a dainty pink color. Her almond skin was supple, and shimmered with a vanilla lotion that softly wafted in the air. Julian suddenly remembered his foot fetish and how he craved sucking her toes.

He finally exhaled the long-held breath and hoped it also alleviated the sexual urges within him. “Kaia,” he called to her and opened his arms, “it’s great to see you.”

Kaia hurriedly walked over to Julian and gave him a hug. Maybe she walked faster than she would’ve liked, and hoped he didn’t notice, but it didn’t matter. His strong, muscular arms wrapped around her body like he was trying to shield her from harm. Maybe he was.

She briefly closed her eyes and inhaled a slow and long breath, letting his scent course through her body like a maze. She never knew what it was. He had several bottles of expensive and affordable cologne, yet he would somehow create his own legendary scent. Musk. Wood. Earth. Oh, she’d missed him.

There was an electric connection between them. It couldn’t be explained nor should it be. She wasn’t supposed to fall in love and map out her future of being someone’s wife at just 21. She had years ahead of her. Years of being stupid. Years of making bad decisions. Years of making smart decisions. Years of finally figuring herself out.

Then she met him and it was like she lost all sense.

She always did everything by the book. She never got into any trouble; she followed all of the rules. She was an occasional smart-ass, but that was forgivable as long as she did everything else right.

Julian was the bad boy to her good girl.

It wasn’t his wealth or status that attracted her to him. She couldn’t explain what it was. All she knew was that she needed him like a junkie needed a fix.

Kaia wondered if she would ever shake Julian out of her system. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“I’m glad you invited me,” he reluctantly pulled away from her and sat down on the plush full-sized bed. “How is everything? I don’t really talk to you that much anymore.”

Kaia took the invite and sat next to him. It was the closest they had been since a fateful and unforgettable moment awhile back. Both decided to keep their distance from each other and only speak if it concerned professional matters. Though one had to beg the question, if things were really so professional between them, why was she in his bedroom at a rented cabin?

“I’m good. Work, as you know, is busier than ever, but it’s exciting.” She smiled. “How are you? I hardly see you anymore, since you’re always gone or in a meeting somewhere.”

“That’s pretty much my life,” he replied, with a touch of somberness. Even when he frequented award shows, he often went solo. His life was all about work, and it made him depressed. Kaia brought youthfulness to him that he hadn’t known he needed.

“I should be thanking you for your endless work. Being an A&R scout is hard work but you stepped up to the plate,” Julian grinned, “you really came through this year, Kaia. I owe a lot of the company’s success to you.”

“It’s nothing. I love music and I have a good ear for talent,” Kaia shrugged, “so I’m happy to help.”

“Thank you,” Julian replied.

His low baritone rumble reverberated against the bedroom walls and Kaia immediately felt a heat simmer between her thighs. “So, are you hungry? I can whip up something in the kitchen for us?”

“Sure, I could eat something.” He stood up and followed her into the kitchen, where he sat at the counter. “What’s for lunch?”

Kaia opened the refrigerator and was shocked to see it packed full of food. She honestly didn’t know where to start. “Um, sandwiches?”

Kaia wasn’t exactly known for her culinary skills. Before they dated, she revealed to Julian how dependent she was on fast food and Lean Cuisines. Julian wasn’t sure if Kaia knew how to make a sandwich. “Do you need help?” He asked.

“For your information, I had to make sandwiches at the food court at school.” She pulled out everything and placed it on the counter, impressing Julian. “Just sit there and relax!”


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