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“I was just telling your fiancée how absolutely…” Ian’s eyes started at Sydney’s feet and traveled up to her face, causing Sydney to shiver in her stance. “….delicious her art is.”

Dean already didn’t like him.

He knew the type: rich, pompous, and probably never worked a day in his life. A supposed alpha male who never had a woman say no and was probably used to things going his way via his pockets.

It was clear to Ian, Sydney was up for sale.

It was something they’d joked about. Sydney was going to meet a wealthy curator and he was going to sweep her off her feet, leaving Dean in the cold. They both knew it would never happen but it was funny to joke about.

Now the joke had real-life implications.

Dean tightly held Sydney’s waist and pulled her closer to him. He hardened his gaze at Ian and held it. “Her art is delicious. I taste it every night.”


Power Play is the fourth book in the Breakaway series. Release date and cover reveal TBA.

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