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Harper didn’t put you up to this, did she? Good. It’s bad enough what happened extended her 15 minutes into 15 days. I’m sure her bestseller is full of lies, tears, and other crap that people love to read. Did you know she somehow booked an interview with Oprah? Yeah, Oprah. For years, I heard her swear up and down about how she couldn’t stand her and would love to “knock the weave off her” and now I’ve seen a commercial, televising it would be the most-watched interview ever. Please.

I remember faintly overhearing there was no way I would survive without spending the rest of my life in some extensive treatment and the next thing I knew, I made a miraculous recovery. Not a single scar or bruise. Every X-ray checked out. Every EKG, MRI, and whatever else they put us through.

And then things started to get weird. Really, weird. It wasn’t instant but it was a definite, ‘What the hell…?’ I compare it to the aging process – one day you can eat a cheesecake slice and not gain a single pound; the next year you eat the same cheesecake slice and you suddenly can’t fit into your favorite jeans.

We have the same amount of fans and haters. I actually have a group of women critiquing my hair, asking me why no one oiled it or installed a weave? Really? I’m out here saving the world and you’re asking why I don’t have a bundle of remy in my hair? I should tell those keyboard warriors the more shit they talk about me, the bigger their fibroids will get, but they’ll find out soon enough.

What is there to tell you? We’re superheroes. I’m lucky I had an eye for fashion and designed all of our outfits. Pretty rad looking, aren’t they? I’m still trying to figure out if I want a cape. I think capes get in the way. Yeah, they look cool but if you get tangled in a high-rise? Not so cool.

Ryan and Chamo, erm, excuse me….Power and Phantom, were pretty adamant they each have one. And guess what happened? They got tangled in a high-rise.

How did we choose our names? I don’t know. All of the cool ones were taken. It wasn’t we went around and picked names out of a hat. We just came up with something on our own.

I was at the park one day and there was this little girl who was about five or six. And she broke her doll. Head came right off! She cried and the mother tried to console her but it was no use. The doll was gone. I went over and fixed it for her. Of course, me doing that ended up revealing a bit of myself. But it was okay. Sometimes you have to reveal your true self to get a bit more recognition.

So, the little girl hugged me and she whispered to her mom, ‘Did you see that, Mommy? It was magic!’ And the mom replied, ‘Yeah, it was. She is magic just like you are.’ And in my head, it was like Moses parted the Red Sea.

You know that phrase, Black Girl Magic? Well, I’m here to prove it right. I dare anyone to prove me wrong.


Soul Infinity Crew is a YA Sci-fi/Fantasy book. Cover reveal and Details to be released soon.