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Erica returned home to her townhouse and barely made it a few steps before she collapsed on the sofa. She managed to kick off her shoes but she didn’t want to move any time soon. In fact, she didn’t want to move anytime period. It seemed everyone in the neighborhood came in to the veterinary that particular day, and she’d barely had enough time to swallow her lunch before another appointment came in.

But she wouldn’t trade her career for anything for the world. She loved what she did. She loved taking care of the animals and having the families put their trust in her. She loved her staff and the neighborhood. She couldn’t complain.

Now, if she could get the hunky cat-owner out of her head, she would be just fine.

Tino. She wouldn’t forget his name because it sounded unusual and she had a penchant for unusual names. They were easy to remember for whatever reason. She would also never forget him because he didn’t look like a cat-owner. No, he looked like the type who would own a Great Dane, a pit bull, or a Doberman. He certainly didn’t look like the type that would own a small tabby named Ga Ga.

He looked like a cross between a model and mixed-marital arts fighter. She probably had seen him in a ring somewhere. Of course, his chosen profession of being a firefighter didn’t surprise her. He was built like a god and had those hypnotizing brown eyes. His ebony hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail and he boasted a few tattoos and pierced ears.

And that voice of his. It was like molten butter and mesmerizing. It was deep, raw, and sexy. She could already imagine hearing his voice in her ear as his lips tickled her jawline.

Wait, what?

Erica shook her head to banish such thoughts. She didn’t know Tino, but already knew he was bad for her. He was a bad boy who had a soft side. He was the type that seemed rough and tough but deep inside, he was a cream puff. He was every woman’s fantasy—good enough to bring home to the parents, but naughty enough to put it down in the bedroom, and have a girl singing show tunes in the morning. He was going to be Erica’s fantasy if she didn’t stop her mind from racing.

She was convinced the light-headedness and small perspiration she felt earlier were a result of the examination room and not of Tino. It was summertime and the temperatures were nothing short of ridiculous. She would have to place a call to get the air serviced soon.



Remember that time I wrote a sweet and clean romance novel?

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