#TeaserTuesday: SIC – #YA #fantasy #scifi


If it were up to Coco, she would never see her mother. She was an embarrassment and according to Coco, a threat to society. All her mother did was perpetuate a stereotype of Black women and Coco didn’t want any part of it.

Now she was forced to see her mother and pretended she care with a plastic smile that hurt her cheeks by the second. She swore her father didn’t love her.

“Oh, will you smile for Christ’s sake?” Harper harrumphed as she applied her MAC lipstick.

Coco forced a small grin but it quickly faded away. She wanted to believe that her mother wanted to spend some time with her and have some deep conversation about life, politics, and love. But no, that wouldn’t be. Not with the paparazzi conveniently stationed near their table and a few more across the street at the local Starbucks. While her mother was “web famous”, she didn’t command the same attention as someone like Jennifer Lawrence, or one of the Hemsworth brothers.

It only made sense that Harper called the paps. “So they can get a good shot?” Coco asked.

Harper stopped applying her dark crimson lipstick and narrowed her glittering brown eyes at her only daughter. “Yes.”

“No, that’s okay,” Coco took a sip of water and glanced down at her phone. “I’m not giving them another reason.”

Harper smiled to see if there were any lipstick on her teeth, and so the paparazzi could get a good shot. “Another reason for what?”

“To think you’re mother of the year.”

Harper smacked her lips one last time and put away her lipstick. She opened up the menu and perused over the items. “Why, oh why, must you be so damn ungrateful?”

Coco had to bite back a severe eye roll. Her? Ungrateful? She was very appreciative of what Susan has done for her, stepping in as the role of mother when Harper abandoned it. She was very grateful of her father, who could probably count many nights when Coco soaked his shoulders with her tears, asking him why her mother doesn’t love her. And Coco was thankful for her little brother and sister, who showed her the true meaning of unconditional love.

Harper, on the other hand, could go kick rocks.


Soul Infinity Crew (YA) will be out soon. Cover and release date TBA.

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