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There was nothing like it – holding him one last time.

Standing in the middle of overcast Manhattan Beach, there was a biting crisp in the air from the recent El Nino storm. She wasn’t dressed appropriately at all – a pair of yoga pants and one of his white tank tops that revealed how cold she was under the threatening sky. The cold concrete fought against her bare feet.

He was dressed a bit warmer as he was about to board a plane – jeans, t-shirt, and hoodie with a pair of flip-flops. His headphones were in one hand and she could hear the faint sound of Outkast’s ATLiens playing.

In the background, she heard parents giving their children instruction before they pulled out. She could hear the traffic starting to pile up for the morning rush hour. A few neighbors honked their horns and shouted out to the couple, saying Good Morning and wishing Dean luck.

Still, they held on, pressing against each other for comfort and warmth. She felt the soft strands of his beard tickle against her jawline and it made her smile. She had to. It was the only thing keeping the tears from falling.

It wouldn’t be the last time ever; just for a short while. As Sydney Walker stood in the middle of the driveway, holding onto her fiancée before he left for an extended road trip, she relished in his scent and touch. He smelled like earth, wood, and maybe a bit of the sweet pea fragrance she wore. He felt like a blazing fire under a cold sky and she felt her entire being heat up.

He was more than just her fiancée; he was her protector, lover, and shield from everything bad. When she’d doubts about herself, and her art, he encouraged her to not give up and try harder. He loved her silliness and tolerated her anger. He admired her passion and drive while tried to understand her undying love for those dime-a-dozen reality shows.

Simply put, he loved her. Everything about her.


Power Play is the next book in the Breakaway series. Release date and cover reveal TBA.

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    • veraroberts says:

      Thank you so much for that! Honestly, I think writing younger characters is what I needed to do. I can be a lot more expressive and descriptive, without being vulgar.

      Sydney and Dean have a very playful love about them. You want to root for them.

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