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The agents briefly looked at each other before Agent Williamson spoke. “It’s imperative we find her.”

“For what purpose other than isolate and instigate her and her friends?” Scott questioned.

“It’s important so we can test her. She might have some infectious disease that isn’t incurable.” Agent Matthews stated.

“An infectious and incurable disease?” Scot repeated. “Did you just imply they have AIDS?”

“No, we don’t know what they have.” Agent Williamson interjected. “But we need to make sure they’re safe and okay.”

“They’re safe and okay,” Scott assured. “In fact, you know they’re safe and okay but that’s not why you want to find them, is it?”

“Mr. Reed, you don’t understand the delicate position we’re in. The teens could’ve been negatively affected by the radiation from the comet.”

“But the problem is they weren’t, were they?” Scott questioned. “In fact, you know exactly what happened to them. You just don’t know if they’re going to use their powers for good or evil. You want them to help you or you’re going to hurt them.”

The agents looked at each other and remained silent.

“You’re asking me to give you whereabouts where my daughter and her friends could be,” he revealed a cunning smile, “even if I did know such information, you’re pretty bold in believing I would tell you about it.”

“We believe your daughter and her friends might be at risk,” Agent Smith countered, “it’s crucial we find them.”

“Why?” Scott played with a pen.

“Excuse me?”

“Why are they at risk?” He finally looked up and held his gaze at the agent. “You keep saying they’re at risk but you’re not saying what risk it is.”

The agents look at each other and Scott sighed. “Let’s keep it real here. You don’t want my daughter and her friends because they’re at risk from some other force in the world. You’re the risk and you want them contained.”

“Mr. Reed, if you will…”

“Gentlemen, I do believe we’re done here,” Scott blew out a small sigh, “now, this is the time you leave before you’re escorted out.”

The agents stood up while Agent Underwood buttoned his jacket. “Don’t make this harder than it should be, Mr. Reed.”

“You should take your own advice,” Scott warned, “The worst thing you can do is tap all of my phones and devices. I have a daughter who has magical powers and she can make you disappear if you even think about doing something to her Daddy. Is this a game you really want to play?”


Soul Infinity Crew (SIC) is a diverse YA, Sci-Fi/Fantasy book in progress. Release date TBA soon.


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