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Fire We Make - Vera Roberts

She knew it was a special occasion when Jackson chartered a private jet for her.

She wasn’t a fan of small planes. Too small and the thought of being in a crash clouded her reasonable judgment. However, the Gulfstream was very nice. She didn’t know if Jackson owned it and wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that he did. The thought that he went beyond to cater to her made Liane feel like she was the queen of the world.

She’d already gotten accustomed to it.

The flight from L.A. to Vegas was relatively uneventful. Just when Liane was getting ready to stretch her legs and relax, the light came on indicating they were about to land. She was so relaxed, sipping out of a small flute of champagne and had personal service with her only flight attendant. The crew referred to her as Ms. Chang and never once addressed her by her first name. Liane would like to think it was out of respect and they all do that. It then occurred to her they were under instruction from Jackson. It was treatment she’d already gotten used to.

When she arrived at the airport, she didn’t have to walk too far when she saw him. Her breath became lodged in her throat and her heart slammed against her chest.


His name came out like a harsh breath, as if she’d been holding it for a while and waited for the right time to finally release it. He stood in front of her, his physique fully filling out an open collar black dress shirt and matching slacks. Aviator sunglasses covered his intense blue eyes and his blond hair had the just right amount of bedhead to it.

It was then Liane knew she didn’t just like Jackson. Her body craved him, her heart desired him, and her soul needed him. Her mind that told her he was no good and Liane didn’t have to count the many ways that he wasn’t. They both knew. That’s what made it the love between them so good.

It was what made the love between them so forbidden.

“There’s my girl,” he purred as she walked up to him. He opened his arms and Liane practically leapt to him. “How was your flight, baby?”

Liane briefly closed her eyes and relished the feel of him. He felt like an unexpected and perfect, sunny day in the middle of winter. His cologne tickled her nose with its notes of musk, wood, and sandalwood. His embrace made her feel at home.

She was home.


Fire We Make is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and iTunes for 99 cents. It is the first part in a two-part story (When Love Calls is the follow-up and final book.)