Happy International Women’s Day!


I recently found the third manuscript to the Blow by Blow series. I figure since it’s already written, it’ll be my official last erotic release. Again, I’m not releasing something I recently wrote to clear up any confusion. I’m sticking to my non-erotic stories stance.

I should note, it is interesting when the heroine’s race changed, the interest in the series skyrocketed…not sure how I truly feel about that but it is what it is. Social experiment complete.

Blow by Blow III will be out this spring.


Unedited snippet:

You know what I love about my girlfriends? No matter what’s going on in my life, I can just place a phone call to any of them and they’re always there for me. Since I’ve retired from SBG, I’ve remained close to a lot of the girls there. Now they’re offering me advice and helping set up for the sex lesson tonight. I’m going to teach wives and girlfriends how to perform oral sex on their partners using the Big Stick and mango methods.

Yeah, no Johnny and no Randy equals this lesson is going to be short and very fucking sweet.

“I can’t fucking believe you didn’t blow him!” Brooke says as she’s helping moving the sofa. “I mean, he was right there for you!”

“Seriously, Maria,” Kelly chimes in as she cleans off the dildos, “I mean one fling isn’t going to hurt you none.”

Remember when I said my girlfriends were my support system? Yeah, that’s bullshit. I’m not sure if they’re feeling my plight or they’re just looking for a reason to fuck my man. You know how bitches are…supportive of your relationship one minute and the moment that shit goes down, so will they on your man.


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