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I Knew You Were Trouble - L

“So, if what you’re saying is true,” Kaia revealed a cunning smile, “that means you loved me the first time we had sex.”

Julian’s eyes twinkled before he briefly opened and closed his mouth. “So, about these cookies we’re making…”

“No! You’re going to answer me!” Kaia laughed. “When we made love the first time, you were in love with me, correct?”

Julian chuckled. “We need eggs, flour, and what else?”

“You being honest with me,” Kaia turned him to her direction. “You ain’t got to lie, Craig! You ain’t got to lie!”

Julian crushed his lips onto hers, pinning her against the refrigerator door as his hands wandered all over her body. He playfully squeezed her breasts before making his way down to her midsection.

Have mercy on me, please… Kaia softly moaned as she drank him in. He tasted of warmth, pleasure, and a bit of liquor. His kissed with deep hunger and exploration, as if he wanted to savor every bit of her mouth and hold on to the memory. His tongue expertly played with hers again, and it seemed they never lost a step.

He pinned both arms above her head and moved her against the refrigerator. He stared deeply into her eyes and smiled that sexy smile of his. A free hand cupped her face and softly caressed her neck. “Mi alma,” he purred against her ear. My soul. “Kaia…”


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  1. stephaniejynelle says:

    Super hot and seriously intense. I am waiting to read it when I have a few hours of not running the oldest to tournaments and the youngest to music concerts. I will read it and review it soon.

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