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I Knew You Were Trouble - L

“Stay still,” he ordered her and she reluctantly followed his direction. He climbed on the sofa with her and spread her thighs apart with one hand. His lips found her neck and he moved her closer to his body. He moved one hand down between her thighs and cupped her.

“Is it mine?” Julian asked.

Kaia audibly gasped and quickly swallowed. His hand felt so warm against her flesh, though he did nothing. It was sweet torture. She wanted to adjust and twist her body to perhaps feel him more, but she knew he wouldn’t budge until she gave him permission to do so.

For so long, she’d wanted to feel him on top of her, behind her, and inside her. Her breath alternated between sporadic and deep, as if she’s trying to convince herself that yes, it’s okay; this is what you wanted all this time.

Truth was it never stopped being his. Ever. The moment they made love the first time, Julian had permanent ownership of her body. His will, his command, and his love drove her to do unspeakable and unforgettable things. In public. In private. Stark naked. Fully clothed.

Her answer depended on what he was going to do and for how long. They both knew the answer but he wanted to hear it from her. He needed the validation just as much as she did from him.

She tried to control the feeling within her but it was no use. Hot flashes of white light burned behind her eyes as lust and desire coursed through her body. She was delirious with need and hungry for want. She needed that man in the worst way and she hoped to high heaven, her screams wouldn’t wake up their neighbors.

With a final swallow, she tilted her head back and succumbed to her emotions. “Yes.”


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    I kind of chuckled, the assistant Samantha Rocha, is very nosey, kind of reminds me of my daughter whose name is Santana Rocha..that girl don’t miss nothing!😂😂😂

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