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I Knew You Were Trouble - L

(Unedited snippet)

He could still taste the sweetness of her lips.

She always had a taste he couldn’t quite describe. Brown sugar. Candy. Vanilla. Sweet Almond. It was deceptively delicious. He couldn’t just have one kiss with her and think it was enough. It would never be enough with Kaia.

His desire betrayed him and he had to relieve it before Kaia offered to do it herself. It didn’t help. Between baking cookies, they snuck in kisses and made out like teenagers whose parents wouldn’t be home for hours.

His hand played with the thin fabric of her tank top, as he thumbed over a breast, anxious to explore but patient enough to bid his time. In the past, Julian would’ve taken Kaia on the floor and fucked her senseless until neither of them could move or think. This time around, he would have to be careful and wait for her to make the move.

Julian had royally fucked himself in a corner.

His heart splintered as he laid in bed and stared at the wooden ceiling. Guilt seeped through his bones as he let out another deep breath. Kaia had a tendency of bringing out the darkest emotions inside him. Jealousy. Possession. Lack of control. He’d never once felt that way about any other woman before or since her. He never will.

“Oh, Julian…”

His need responded promptly as he remembered her moans when he devoured her neck. She felt so soft, so lithe within his arms. They only stopped because they heard the family come back and they wanted to surprise everyone with the food they’d made. If Julian acted on impulse, they would’ve had a quickie and no one would’ve known the difference.

He should’ve never kissed her. Everything had been a mistake. Hiring her back. Being cordial and friendly at work. Pretending everything was okay with Kaia giving the performance of a lifetime.

Being around her at a cabin was the last thing in a long list of mistakes.

He knew why he drove her away. Julian fixed everything. That was one of his hidden talents. Julian the Fixer. He knew valets, busboys, concierges, and hotel clerks all over the world to give him what he wanted. Last-minute tickets to the sold-out Broadway show? Done. A huge bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s when every shop was closed? Easy. A four-star hotel room at a three-star price? Not a problem.

When it came to Kaia, there was no limit. If Kaia’s car was acting up, he knew a mechanic. If she was running low on cash, he gave her money to tide her over. If she needed help unscrewing the top to the pickle jar, he provided the strength.

When she lost the baby, however, he couldn’t fix that.


I Knew You Were Trouble will be out March 1st. It is a New Age/College Age romance.

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