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I Knew You Were Trouble - L

Unedited Snippet:

“Part your lips and open your mouth. Keep it open.” He walked back to her and caressed her lips with a thumb as he studied her face. Julian had a way of looking at her as if he was looking through her. Kaia shifted her position as her breathing became more sporadic.

The silence was thick between them. Silence had no sound but for Kaia, it was thundering. She felt it in her bones, her heartbeat, and in her breathing. The wait was the worse. She never knew when he would finally start, but when he did, she never wanted him to finish.

“Lay down on the bed, arms to your side, and close your eyes.” He ordered as Kaia complied. He shed his clothing and joined her on the bed. He hovered over her and again studied her features. She was like a diamond and he felt like the luckiest man on earth.

He dived into her neck, kissing the hollow area before he moved down to her breasts. Her nipples were erect by the cold breeze and sensitive to his touch. He played with one nipple followed by the other before his hands traveled down her taut stomach and stopped at the vee of her sex.

Kaia let out a small sigh as she felt Julian’s hot breath on her. Her chest pinched in anticipation as she felt his magic hands. His lips and tongue played with her body, wondering what sounds and chords would come out. He kissed her belly before he moved down further.

She arched off the bed when she felt him insert one finger than another. She fisted the bed sheet underneath her, inadvertently unwrapping it from the ends. She’d forgotten how wonderful his fingers were and how well they knew her body. Soft mews escaped her lips before the louder moans appeared.

When Julian withdrew his fingers from her, she quietly protested. She felt so close and he abruptly stopped. It was only when he replaced his fingers with his mouth, did it send Kaia spinning.

His tongue explored every crevice and sweetness of her, deliberate and slow in some moments; fast and furious in others. She grabbed two fistfuls of his hair and jerked upwards to get more of the feeling, only to have Julian nudge her back down.

“Naughty girl,” he purred.


I Knew You Were Trouble is a New Adult romance. It’ll be out beginning of March.

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