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The things a man would do for some ass.

As Dean looked down at his getup, he wondered if Sydney had any hidden cameras inside her home. He was not about to have a photographic evidence of him channeling his inner John Wayne. He wanted to ask her why she had a pair of assless chaps but he decided against his better judgment. Some things weren’t meant to be known.

He could admit he looked damn good in them. It made his dick look bigger and honestly, that’s all that mattered. “Who am I supposed to be again?”

“John Smith!” She yelled from the bedroom.

“And who are you supposed to be?”

“Pocohontas!” She yelled. “The Disney kind where we’re both the same age. Not the real life one where she’s an 11-year-old and you’re a pedophile.”

“Okay, that’s not exactly sexy talk right now,” Dean advised.

Sydney appeared from her bedroom and slowly walked down the stairs. Her costume barely covered her tits and ass and that was the intention. Her long, black hair was straightened to a shiny perfection. She made a beeline to her boyfriend. “You have the cure to save my people, Captain.”

Dean felt his dick twitch and fire burned in his eyes. His girlfriend looked incredibly hot and all he wanted to do was get inside her. “What cure is that, Pocohontas?”

“It’s right…” she caressed his dick and it sprung to life in her hands. “…here.”

Jesus. Dean was about to melt but maintained his composure. “I see,” he swallowed.

“What can I do to get the cure?” She softly asked.

“You could kiss it before I have to take other measures,” he advised.

Sydney lowered herself down to her knees and softly stroked her boyfriend. She kissed the underside of his shaft before inserting into her hot mouth. She slowly sucked him while she played with his balls. “Like this, Captain?”

Dean leaned against the wall and watched Sydney devour him over and over. She was better than any porno he’d ever watched. “Just like that.” When he felt like he was about to explode, he abruptly stopped her. “I think I know where the cure is.”

“Where is it?”

He lifted her to stand and spread her thighs apart. His fingers played with her wet slit. “Here. I need to access it.”

Sydney’s thighs tingled and her sex clenched in want. Heat coursed through her body and she struggled to be still as he played with her. “How can I help you?”

“I have an idea.” Desire coated his words. He picked her up and carried her to the doorway. “Hold on.”

Sydney held onto the top of the doorway as Dean spread her thighs apart and began to pleasure her. He used long strokes before turning into a rapid-fire motion. “I need to hear you scream my name.”

“Oh Captain,” Sydney panted as the orgasm unraveled in her body. “My Captain!” She screamed in ecstasy.

“Good girl.” Dean smiled. His dick was primed for action. “Now I can finally get the cure.” He lowered Sydney down and quickly grabbed a condom. He sheathed himself before lifting her up again and lowering her onto him. He moved to a wall for support. “Hold on.”

Sydney wrapped her legs around her boyfriend as he slowly moved inside her, sneaking in kisses before burying his face into her neck. He dragged his lips to hers, drinking from her with each taste as he encouraged her to let go. “Take it, take it,” he moaned in her ear.

Short, sporadic breaths followed by prayers and profanities escaped Sydney’s mouth. She’d released everything to him as he gave it back to her. Her life was perfect – the perfect love, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect friends, and the perfect family. She’d felt her heart soar and her mind free from the past.

Dean was everything and he chose her.

He gradually increased his tempo, driving into her with such force that she banged against the wall. Her slick and wet heat clamped down with each movement as she felt the first coils of an impending climax. Her legs began to shake as the orgasm ripped through her, shortly followed by him.

Their breathing slowed as they reveled in orgasmic bliss. “Your neighbors hate me now,” he chuckled.

“Yeah, I say that’s probably accurate.”


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