#FlashFriday: I Knew You Were Trouble #newadult #contemporary #romance

Unedited Snippet:

“Knock, knock,” Kara tapped on Julian’s open door.

He turned around and felt his breath caught in his throat. Her long, curly ringlets flowed down her back. She wore a simple white tank top with dark flared jeans. She was barefoot, with her nails painted a dainty pink color. Her almond skin was supple and shimmered with a vanilla lotion that softly wafted in the air. Julian suddenly remembered his foot fetish and how he craved sucking her toes.

He finally exhaled the long-held breath and hoped it also alleviated the sexual urges within him. “Kara,” he called to her and opened his arms, “it’s great to see you.”

Kara hurriedly walked over to Julian and gave him a hug. Maybe she walked faster than she would’ve liked and hoped he didn’t notice, but it didn’t matter. His strong, muscular arms wrapped around her body like he was trying to shield her from harm. Maybe he was.

She briefly closed her eyes and inhaled a slow and long breath, letting his scent course through body like a maze. She never knew what it was. He had several bottles of expensive and affordable cologne, yet he would somehow create his own legendary scent. Musk. Wood. Earth. Oh, she’d missed him.

There was an electric connection between them. It couldn’t be explained nor should it be. She wasn’t supposed to fall in love and map out her future of being someone’s wife at just 21. She had years ahead of her. Years of being stupid. Years of making bad decisions. Years of making smart decisions. Years of finally figuring herself out.

Then she met him and it was like, she lost all sense.

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