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“Welcome back from your vacation, boss!” Aneesa Sands greeted Joey as he entered Madre’s. She was a young Black woman, fresh out of college and still a little wet behind the ears. She wore her brown hair in a shoulder-length natural style, had a small gap between her front teeth that matched the dimple on her chin. Her build could be described as thick, yet she managed to cover up her assets to the best of her ability every day she was at work.

Naturally bubbly and upbeat, Aneesa was one of the few women Joey could trust for the simple fact she was a lesbian and had absolutely no interest in him (or any man) whatsoever. “You look…tan. I take it you had a great vacation?”

A proud smile spread on Joey’s face as he thought about Zoe. Great couldn’t possibly describe the vacation. Amazing. Fantastic. Incredible. Excellent.

He didn’t have any expectations when he went on vacation, only hoping he would get lucky with Zoe and she didn’t bore him in bed. She was anything but boring. Her tongue was skilled, wrapping around his cock repeatedly as she sucked him. When she was on top, she rolled back and forth as if she already had his body memorized and knew where his erogenous zones were. He discovered a new one – his nipples.

And her moans…her sweet, beautiful moans. They started off soft and almost demure, growing into something voracious and deep, encouraging Joey to fuck her harder and faster with each thrust.

Own this pussy, baby. I want you to own it.

Joey felt his slacks tighten around his cock and refocused his attention to work. It wasn’t just the sex that had Joey addicted; Zoe was everything he wanted in a woman. She was ambitious, didn’t bullshit him, and could talk to him about sports and current events. She challenged his mind along with his body and soul, making him question everything he ever believed in about love, life, and relationships.

Sprung. That was the word that described Joey to a tee. He didn’t even feel ashamed about it. He loved Zoe. He was in love with her.

I don’t do long-distance relationships, Joey.

It was a threat Joey took seriously and didn’t dismiss it as falderal. He couldn’t see himself ever leaving New York and relocating to L.A. but if he could somehow convince Zoe to move…

“I had a great time,” he finally answered Aneesa, shifting his attention back to his assistant. “I’ll be going back soon. I need you to arrange a flight for me in two weeks from today. I’ll handle business items from there.”

Aneesa hastily jotted down the notes. “Preference on travel?”

“Business-class.” Joey thought about if he wanted to reveal the burning request on the tip of his tongue. He wanted Aneesa to make travel arrangements for Zoe and in first-class. His girl was going to have the best of the best everything. He already thought about upgrading her SUV to something a little more high-class, though it drove just fine. “And I’ll be gone for a few days. I’ll let you know for sure, but I expect to leave on Thursday and possibly return on Monday evening.”

“Sounds like a nice trip. Going to see Kieran and Tiana?”

A slow smirk curled Joey’s lips. He successfully avoided seeing Kieran and Tiana, though he did feel a little guilty about it. Whenever he made a trip out to L.A., he always made it a point to see his brother, even if it was just for a few hours. If he played his cards right, he could avoid seeing Kieran and Tiana again. It was his goal to see where things went with Zoe first before he revealed their relationship to the rest of the family. He knew his reputation with women and could admit that didn’t help matters when he purposely brought home some unfavorable ones.

All of that was going to change. Maybe sprung wasn’t an appropriate word. Twisted. Yes. Zoe definitely had him twisted.

“Maybe,” Joey answered. It was an honest answer. He might see Kieran and Tiana. Or, he might spend all of his free time with Zoe.

He could keep a secret. The question was, could Zoe?


All I’ve Ever Wanted is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance.

(Kinda surprised this book didn’t do well. I guess no one cared about Joey, LOL.)