Scott & Mariana discussion group update

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There seems to be a lot of interest in one, which is great. However, I actually do need to see who’s actually down for one.

So, by leaving a comment on this blog, let me know if you’re interested. The tentative date is late February, though it’ll be a week-long event leading up to said discussion. I’ll be available on that day in the group to ask me questions as well.

The comments are generally open for two weeks so that should give you plenty of time to think about participating. It’ll be a small group so only those who are truly interested and will actually participate are welcome to join.

I have to stress – I’m not doing this for my benefit; I’m taking time away from other projects I have going on to do this. I’m doing this strictly for the diehard readers and give the cult followers a chance to discuss this book with other people who love the series just as much as they do. If you didn’t like any book in the series, this discussion is not for you. 


It does require you have read all of the books in the series:



III (both books)



Side books*:

Wait for Love

I Need You


Yes, Master

(*Not a requirement but it might help you if others talk about those books)


Discussion topics will include, but not limited, to the following:



Interracial elements

Race play

Dominant/submissive relationship






Please let me know if you’re interested so I can begin the preparations. I’ll also recommend wine selections and appetizers for this discussion. If you’re sitting at a computer, you might as well have a party, right?



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