Scott & Mariana discussion group

Soon, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before and that is offering an exclusive private one-time group discussion regarding all things Scott & Mariana. It’ll be invitation-only. Some of you keep an eye out on your e-mail.

This is the time for you to ask questions to everyone (including me) and have a discussion with other readers of the series. I will have to state, this isn’t an event for the wallflowers so if you know you’re not going to participate, this isn’t for you. It would be to your benefit to privately ask me questions.

Again, this is an invitation-only discussion group solely dedicated to the Scott and Mariana books. Do not bring a plus one. Do not discuss the D’Amatos (unless it’s regarding Nick). Do not expect exclusive snippets because I won’t share any. DO bring any questions you may have had about the series, the characters, storylines, scenes, etc.

And there you have it,


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