When Love Calls is now available! #ebook #nook #kindle #romance #suspense

When Love Calls Large

Being together was dangerous. Now, it just might be deadly.

When Liane returns from visiting Jackson, she realizes she’s in too deep and there’s no turning back. The question remains – does she want to?

Enzo hates the fact his best friend is dating his nemesis but if things go as planned, they won’t be for long. The attention he is giving Liane is starting to cause some issues with his wife, Angela. Will he able to sacrifice his marriage to save his best friend?

Jackson loathes Enzo and hadn’t forgotten the man who pushed him out of Los Angeles. Now that Jackson is a semi-permanent fixture in Liane’s life, he politely warns Enzo to stay out of his – or to face consequences he couldn’t foresee or prevent.

Will Liane remain safe? Will Enzo stay out of their relationship? Will Jackson finally get his revenge on Enzo?

When Love Calls is the second part in the Jackson and Liane trilogy. It is an erotic romance that deals with forbidden love, sacrifices, and revenge.


It is available at Amazon here. It’ll be available at All Romance, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble soon.

The first part in the trilogy, Fire We Make, is on sale for 99 cents!

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