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“It doesn’t matter if you’re one of the most powerful men in Los Angeles,” Enzo commented as they sat down at Mélisse restaurant. “Even I had to wait for a table to open up here.”

“It’s amazing,” Angela took in the restaurant views. Located in the heart of Santa Monica and close to the beach, Mélisse boasted of deep purple walls, white overhead lights, and cream and brown chairs. “I never thought we would get a table here.”

“Well, baby, I plan to make all of your dreams come true,” Enzo kissed her, playing with her bottom lip and gently sucking on it. “Just watch me work.”

“I’m more than happy to do so.” She smiled.

“Hello, Angela.”

Angela slightly jumped in her chair when she saw Jackson stand before her. Looking gorgeous as ever in an open collar shirt, black slacks and matching blazer, he personified Old Hollywood style with a debonair that could not be manufactured. Either a man was born with it or he simply didn’t have it. “Hello…” she cleared her throat. “…Jackson.”

Enzo’s eyes hardened. Jackson knew what he was doing and it was becoming more impossible to figure out his next move. “Greetings,” he mustered to say.

“I didn’t expect to see you two kids here,” Jackson grinned, “what a lovely surprise.”

“Yes. Lovely.” Enzo deadpanned. “Did you bring any of your women here tonight?”

“In fact, I did.” Liane walked up behind Jackson and he kissed her cheek. “Just the only one that matters. Let’s say we put a couple of chairs together and have a nice meal, shall we?”

Angela stiffened in her chair as she locked eyes with Liane. She briefly opened and closed her mouth to a small ‘o’ as she tried to gather her composure. Was her husband’s best friend really on a date with her former pimp?

“I don’t think they’ll be able to do that here,” Enzo began, “the restaurant probably has strict rules and –”

“I own the place,” Jackson motioned to the servers, who promptly followed his orders. After they were seated, Jackson smiled. “Now that we’re all together like a big, fake happy sitcom family, let’s get it all out in the open.”


When Love Calls will be out on December 15th for 99 cents.

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