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“You know, you’re free to stay here forever.” Jackson leaned against the doorway.

Liane smiled as she packed up her suitcase. A few days with Jackson was way too short and she hoped the trip was long enough to subside any longing feelings she had. Truth was, the trip made the feelings deeper and more longing than before. She wanted to be with him but she didn’t know if he would be worth everything she would have to sacrifice.

It wasn’t just her career. Their relationship would be taboo amongst her family and friends. Jackson and Enzo hanging out? That would never happen. She couldn’t even imagine them being in the same room together.

Still, a girl could dream. “J, we’ve had this conversation already.”

“We haven’t,” he walked over and sat on the bed, “we haven’t talked at all about our relationship.”

Liane chuckled. “What relationship? I’m not your girlfriend.”

“Oh?” The news was a surprise to him. “You sure acted the role the past few days.”

Liane zipped up her suitcase and rubbed her hands over it. Her other suitcase was fine but Jackson felt the need to upgrade her to Louis Vuitton. She didn’t mind it, though. She loved the way he took care of her and spoiled her. Fine dining, VIP access, and a few nice pieces of jewelry were forever keepsakes given by him.

So, maybe she was his girlfriend. The role wasn’t a hard one to accept even if she had a hard time swallowing the title. “Let’s talk about this, then.” She said after a brief silence.

“Come here,” he beckoned.

Liane climbed on the bed and snuggled against his warm and hard body. It was incredible, she thought, he could arose her and he didn’t say a word or do anything to her. She told herself to keep her hands above his waist and not wander down below. It didn’t help that Jackson’s hand currently rested on her ass.

“Talk to me,” he purred.

His low baritone rumble shocked Liane to her core as notes of pine and musk from his cologne wafted in the air. She swallowed and breathed a small sigh. “We can never work out, J.”

“You keep saying that as if you’re trying hard to convince yourself and not me,” he softly replied.

“You don’t see the obvious differences between us? You have this,” she motioned to the home, “and everything that comes with it. You have a notoriety that follows you.”

This, you didn’t mind one bit this weekend.” He mentioned.

“Because I didn’t have to think about my reality when I get back to L.A.” She defended. “I have a career in law enforcement. Would you actually give up all of this to be with me?”


Liane sat up and looked at her pseudo boyfriend. He said it so fluidly without a smidgen of hesitation, she truly thought she misheard him. “What?”

“You asked me if I would give up everything to be with you and the answer is yes,” he repeated, “but something tells me that’s not the answer you wanted to hear. You want me to say no so it’ll be easy for you to disregard your feelings and what we have. If I said no, it’ll be easy for you to move onto somebody else and pretended this weekend never happened. The problem is, it’s not that easy. I love you, Liane, even if you don’t love me back.”

“I do, J.” She admitted. “I do share those same feelings.”

Jackson smiled. Liane couldn’t even admit she loved him even though she felt the same. He wondered when she’ll finally realize it and stop trying to fight him and what they had. “Okay,” he pulled back to him and nibbled on her neck, “one more for the road, shall we?”

Liane’s clit fluttered with want as Jackson’s tongue traveled from her neck to her ear. “I’m going to be late for my plane, J.”

“I’ll charter a plane for you.” A free hand reached up her blouse and softly squeezed a breast. “You won’t be late. You will, however, be very happy when the pilot sees you.”


Billy Ross could taste the million-dollar payout before it appeared before him.

He’d entertained offers from the National Enquirer, Star magazine, and a host of other gossip sites before finally deciding TMZ would be the winner. They offered the most money and he needed to pay off those Mafioso guys he owed a significant debt to.

Everyone was curious to know about Angela and the life she had before the sudden fame. There wasn’t much to tell – a torrid love affair, the lost of their child, and a permanent separation. Billy, however, could milk it for millions. He already wrote a book about it and was currently shopping it to the highest bidder.

All of his money problems will become a distant memory.

Of course, he had Angela to thank. He hadn’t thought of her in years and she was suddenly worldwide famous. He watched her TV show, The Oval Office, and wasn’t that impressed by the string of movies she’d starred in. If it were up to him, she would’ve been a leading lady opposite Gerald Butler or some other doofus actor women go gaga over. She would not be a Sci-Fi superhero. That was a role strictly for white men only.

Regardless of his personal feelings of her professional life, he was glad she was able to land back on her feet. The way he left her was so bastardly and almost shameful, he wondered what had become of her. Had he known she was going to be an international superstar, he would’ve stayed.

“Billy?” The man before him asked and Billy shook himself out of his fantasies. “Nice to meet you.”

“I’m sorry, you are…?”

“Enzo De Laurentiis,” he sat before him with Felipe, “and you have some information you’re going to stop sending out to people.”

Billy narrowed his eyes as they bounced between Enzo and Felipe. “Your name sounds familiar.”

“I’m Angie’s husband,” Enzo replied, “I have about fifty thousand in cash right now to hand over to you on the condition you stop shopping your story.”

“Fifty thousand? That’s it?” Billy scoffed. “Fifty thousand doesn’t even start to cover what I know.”

“You don’t know shit,” Enzo cut him off, “and whatever story you’re shopping isn’t going to fly, anyway.”

“Oh, I see what’s going on here,” Billy chuckled, “Angela sent you here on her behalf to scare me, huh? She always was an afraid bitch and this just proves my point.” Enzo and Felipe looked over at each other. “Okay, I’ll humor you. Fifty thousand is the starting price. I’m going to raise you by—”

Suddenly Billy was lifted from his chair by two giants of men, who blindfolded, gagged him, and stuffed him into an awaiting van that sped off.

Felipe looked down at his watch. “Less than a minute before he said something stupid and we had to call in backup,” he pulled out a wad of cash and handed it over to his best friend, “you were right.”

Enzo sipped his bottled water and blew out a breath. “He’s lucky I didn’t knock him out.” He stuffed the money in his pocket. “The guys will be okay with him?”

“Yeah, yeah. They’ll just hang him over a ledge until he cries like a baby and then this whole thing will be long forgotten about.” Felipe smiled. “Enough about that, though. Have you spoken to Liane yet?”

“Not yet,” Enzo felt his heart rate rise, “I will soon. I’m not sure if she’s back in town yet.”

“She is,” Felipe replied, “one of my contacts at the airport saw her arrive a few hours ago on a private jet.”

“A private jet, huh?” Enzo shook his head. “If that doesn’t tell me they’re in a relationship, I don’t know what does.”

“’Zo, I’m speaking to you as a friend here. Leave this alone.” Felipe warned. “You don’t want to get involved.”

“Liane’s my best friend. I care about her and I just want to make sure she’s okay,” he defended himself.

“And I’m telling you, Liane’s a big girl. She wouldn’t be involved with Jackson if she wasn’t sure about what she was doing. Leave this fight alone and let her handle her.” Felipe suggested. “This won’t end well if you get involved.”

“I’m not going to get involved,” Enzo took another sip of water, “I just want to ask her questions about what she’s doing.”

“’Zo, don’t,” Felipe replied, “If Liane wanted you to know, she would’ve told you. Maybe it’s nothing, maybe it was just a one-time thing. My point is don’t get involved in this. You won’t win, Enzo. You just won’t.”


When Love Calls will be released on December 15th for 99 cents.

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