Ch. 2: When Love Calls (Jackson and Liane II) #ebook #nook #kindle #romance


Being together was dangerous. Now, it just might be deadly.

When Liane returns from visiting Jackson, she discovers not just Enzo but a blast from her past followed her. In order to protect herself, she needs to save Jackson first. The question remains – does she want to?

Enzo hates the fact his best friend is dating his nemesis but if things go as planned, they won’t be for long. The attention he is giving Liane is starting to cause some issues with his wife, Angela. Will he able to sacrifice his marriage to save his best friend?

Jackson loathes Enzo and hadn’t forgotten the man who pushed him out of Los Angeles. Now that Jackson is a semi-permanent fixture in Liane’s life, he politely warns Enzo to stay out of his – or to face consequences he couldn’t foresee or prevent.

Will Liane remain safe? Will Enzo stay out of their relationship? Will Jackson finally get his revenge on Enzo?

When Love Calls is the second part in the Jackson and Liane trilogy. It is an erotic romance that deals with forbidden love, sacrifices, and revenge.


Chapter 2

He was tensed, Angela could tell.

As Enzo flipped her over and entered from behind, she fiercely grabbed the bed sheets and braced herself. Enzo was a very skillful and passionate lover, bringing to Angela to multiple orgasms almost every time during their trysts. Tonight was different.

He was trying to fuck the aggression out.

Her husband relentlessly pounded into her, grabbing her ass hard and occasionally smacked it. She felt yet another orgasm forming and tightly clenched around his cock, screaming in ecstasy as it flowed through her. For Enzo, it was just full-steam ahead and he drove harder into her until he once again switched positions with Angela underneath him.

Their bodies rocked and collided with each other, slapping, and smearing sweat. Enzo drove deeper into her until he finally came, a low guttural moan escaping his lips and he collapsed beside her.

Angela waited a few moments before she turned to her husband and carefully studied his face. His eyes were closed but his mind was busy with a steady stream of thoughts. He wasn’t thinking about her or even the email hack scandal that brought Hollywood down to its knees.

Something was clearly bothering him. “Is everything okay, baby?”

Enzo slowly opened his eyes and was brought back to earth by his wife’s voice. Ever since he received news Liane was making a personal visit to Jackson, the couple had consumed his thoughts. What was Liane doing there? How long had she been dating Jackson? What was she thinking?

He already knew the answer as to why she’d lied to him. Why would she want to admit that? She knew it wouldn’t go over well and didn’t expect Enzo – or anyone else, for that matter – to understand. They were on opposite sides of the law and Enzo knew firsthand how sweet forbidden fruit was.

“I have a lot on my mind,” he finally answered, “just a lot of things going on.”

“You know you can talk to me about anything, honey.” Angela caressed his chest, “we can talk about this and figure out a plan.”

Enzo bit the inside of his cheek. Not sure about that. Normally he would confide in his wife about anything and everything, however, the situation with Jackson and Liane was a potential trigger for Angela. While she wasn’t treated horrible by Jackson, she was in a captive situation with him. Oh, she could’ve left anytime she wanted as long as everything stayed in the home. Everyone knew she would’ve been back on the streets and under the forceful guide of another not so friendly pimp.

Truth was, Jackson saved Angela in many ways and it wasn’t for him, she never would’ve met Enzo and have the Happily Ever After. If anything, Enzo and Angela owed a lot to Jackson. Then Enzo quickly remembered the heroic efforts employed to get Angela to leave and he felt his chest tighten.

Enzo knew Jackson well – too well – and knew a leopard doesn’t change its spots; they just become better at being sneaky. “I’m still working out a plan,” he finally revealed.

“Is it regarding another role? A new starlet? I know you have a keen eye for talent,” she softly laughed.

Enzo grinned. He wished it were that simple. “I need to figure out what’s going on with some other deals. I hope to have it all solved and figured out soon.” Truer words have never been spoken. Enzo needed to know what Jackson was up to with his best friend.

“Well, just rest on it.” Angela snuggled up to her husband and he wrapped his arms around her. “You’ll figure it out soon enough.”

Enzo breathed a sigh of frustration. Just when he was one step ahead of Jackson, Enzo was really 10 steps behind. He would have to beat him at his own game. “I certainly hope so.”


Sinful Nightclub was advertised as the nightclub that would put all other nightclubs to shame. As Liane sat in the VIP suite and looked around, she could see why.

The nightclub smelled, tasted, and felt like Jackson. It may not have been his name but it was definitely his influence.

The inside of the nightclub had a soft lavender lighting against the dulce de leche walls. An enormous bar was center of the club with as many as 10 bartenders serving drinks at any given time. The dance floor was about the size of an Olympic swimming pool. From the white bungalows with matching sofas and pillows, to the leather sofas flanking the wood tables with the crystal chandeliers adding a touch of sophistication, it was clear Sinful didn’t just have Jackson as an investor.

If Liane didn’t know better, she’d assumed Jackson also owned a share of it. He probably did.

“What do you think?” He asked as they snuggled against each other on a sofa.

Liane glanced around. The dance floor was packed and the champagne flowed freely between the guests. Several A-list celebrities were also in attendance and they all stopped by to say hello to Jackson. It was then Liane realized Jackson had a lot of power and influence.

She wondered what else about him she’d pleasantly discover. “It’s amazing. I can’t believe it’s so packed for an opening night.”

“It always happens in Vegas. The next big club will have the same thing. Everyone always wants to go to the new thing.” He mentioned. “With Vegas, you have to constantly keep up to stay on top.”

“Yet, I don’t see you doing any of the sort,” she smiled.

“Au contraire. I have to do a lot behind the scenes,” he reflected, “the reality show just made me work smarter.”

“Work smarter,” she nodded, “I like that.”

“I like you,” he caressed her cheek, “I like you a lot.”

Liane felt the familiar butterfly flutters in her tummy and squeezed her thighs together. No, this couldn’t be happening. She couldn’t be falling in love with a pimp. No, no, NO! It seemed the harder she fought against the feelings, the more intense they became. How was she going to explain to her family what Jackson does? What about her career? What about her reputation?

Thank God for a great DJ. “I love this song!” Liane moved in her seat.

“Let’s go,” Jackson set down his drink and grabbed her hand, leading them out to the dance floor. Liane began to grind against her love as she mouthed Aaliyah’s lyrics.

Jackson tightly held onto Liane’s waist as she pushed against him. He turned her around and lifted one of her legs as their bodies moved in unison. Their fingers interlaced while they maintained eye contact only with each other.

“I don’t think you’re ready for this thang…” Liane lip-synched. Jackson only smiled in response.

He turned her around and held her arms in the air as he ground against her, creating a small sensual wave between them. His hardness pressed more into her behind while his lips caressed her ears with bedroom promises.

“I’m ready for it,” he spoke.

Liane shook her head as she kept dancing. “Ready for what?”

Jackson turned her back around to face him. “All of it.”

It felt the world stood still and it was just the two of them at that moment. Her position with the police department wasn’t a concern. His proclivities didn’t matter. She truly saw him for the first time and read his vulnerability. He was raw. He was open.

He was about to do what she’d asked him to and without hesitation. He was ready to give it all up for her. Liane didn’t know if she felt the same. “I need to go to the ladies’ room. I’ll be right back.” She hurried off to the nearest bathroom.

She grabbed an available empty cup and poured water in it. She took a long gulp and slammed the cup down. She stared at herself long and hard in the mirror. It was her last night with him and tomorrow morning, she’ll cut everything off. No more contact. No emails. No phone calls. No Skype sessions. Nothing. It was getting to be too dangerous and she needed to keep her sanity before…

“You’re tense.”

Liane recognized Jackson’s voice and saw him standing by the door. “J, what are you doing? You can’t be in here!”

“Yes, I can.” He locked the door behind him and slowly walked towards Liane. His eyes were hungry for her. “I can do whatever I want and you’ll let me.”

He picked her up and set her on the bathroom counter, standing in between her legs. He ran a hand through her hair an just stared at her. She was breathtakingly beautiful. Caramel supple skin. Light amber eyes. High cheekbones. Full pouty lips. He’d memorized her face in many masturbation fantasies but it was nothing compared to the exquisiteness of her beauty in front of him.

He claimed her lips with his, pushing his tongue inside her needy mouth. It was then Liane realized how much she needed J, and didn’t necessarily want him. Desire coursed through her body as his lips trailed down to her neck, lightly sucking and biting it before moving back to her lips.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he said in a way that told Liane he wasn’t asking for permission. “Do you want me to?”

Liane’s mind was spinning and she felt clouded. She was afraid to say the words. She was afraid of what the request really was. She was afraid…

…of falling in love with him.

Just a minute ago, she wanted to break up with him and cease all communication. Now she wanted him to fuck her until she couldn’t walk.

“Please,” her breath came out just above a whisper.

She gasped upon Jackson’s sudden thrust inside her. Her pussy clamped down around his cock and guided him in as he drove hard into her. He wrapped her legs around his waist and they moved together as one, creating a natural rhythm. In and out. Push and pull. Coming together over and over, forgetting about the past and even the future, only focusing on the moment.

He fucked with reckless abandon, claiming her with each thrust and almost daring her to say otherwise. They both knew what it was between them and he was willing to walk away from it all just for her. Liane couldn’t imagine giving her career for any man yet one was willing to do it for her.

It made her feel vulnerable.

They panted and moaned against each other as they moved faster and faster. Liane held onto Jackson tighter as the emotions took over her body. Elation. Worry. Orgasmic. Denial.

Did she want this?

Did she want him?

Could she handle everything?

The orgasm crashed into her body like numerous big waves and she cried out Jackson’s name, shuddering as she came down. He drove into her a few more times before he reached his own climax, a low moan escaping his lips. They quickly cleaned up and got dressed again.

“Now what?” Liane asked as he led her out of the bathroom, a long line of women and curious eyes following them.

“I don’t know,” he answered, “you tell me.” He turned to her and kissed her. “Now what?”

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  1. stephaniejynelle says:

    Well that was intense. My heart was pounding. It’s that conflict with right and wrong vs desire and need. What’s the cost of love that is forbidden? Is it worth losing yourself or will you truly discover yourself?
    Liane actually almost has Jackson’s heart. With her internal struggle of good vs bad, she may miss out on redemption.
    I love it. I’m just sad that it is postponed on coming out.

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