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Liane hated Cupid and wished she could sock him in the face.

It had been a long month since she’d last seen Jackson. Her bed was cold and empty; her soul, even more so.

As she studied the curious details about her face in the mirror, she didn’t have to wonder where the sudden light in her eyes came from. She smiled more and even on hard days working cases, she managed to think about the good in her life.

She had nice possessions – a pricey MacBook, two flat-screen TVs that adorned her walls, and a few pieces of jewelry that cost a small fortune. The way Jackson spoiled her when she saw him and paying attention to every detail to her needs, made Liane realize how much she’d been depriving herself all this time.

He fulfilled a need she never knew she had and in turn, she opened herself to him. They didn’t have long therapy sessions with boxes of Kleenex on deck, but they had an understanding about each other that couldn’t be matched with anyone else. Before Jackson, Liane never thought about dating someone less than her worth.

She met her equal and then some.

He was the reason why a woman getting a dickdown from a dangerous man was never in her best interest. She was sprung – painfully so – and being in a tabooed relationship didn’t help matters.

Flashbacks of how he kissed the nape of her neck while he drove into her from behind clouded her thoughts and Liane quickly shook them away. They were quickly replaced by how he licked her pearl, making it bounce on his tongue, and continued until she had multiple orgasms. Or when he stuck his fingers in her mouth as she rode him and he encouraged her orgasm with more words, thrusts, and actions. He played her body like a fine-tuned instrument, strumming along just to hear the right ‘oohs,’ ‘ahhs,’ and Jackson’s personal favorite, ‘fuck yes!’


Liane sighed as she leaned against the bathroom counter. You stupid bitch. She could not get involved with him. It was too risky. It was not going to be worth it. They were on opposite ends of law enforcement. Was Liane really going have Jackson around her family for Thanksgiving? Were they really going to trim the tree for Christmas? Was Jackson going to be a soccer coach for little kids?

None of that was going to happen – ever. She’d long accepted that notion and was okay with it. Now, she just needed to convince her heart to be okay with it.

Screw Cupid and his stupid little arrow.


When Love Calls will finally (seriously, this time!) be released in mid-December. Special Christmas price at 99 cents.

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