Walking in the Rain

“Okay, I spent the last few hours on my shift wondering what the hell is going on,” Eli began as he slid into the booth at Gino’s Bar & Restaurant, “what’s up?”

“Did you order a drink?” Shanita began. “You’re going to need one.”

“Yo, Shanny, stop. If something is going on, just give it to me straight.” He gestured. “I don’t want to be led on even more so.”

She blew out a breath. “I know what your family has done for me and I appreciate it,” Shanita began, “that’s why I wanted to come to you first with this.”

“Oh?” Eli asked. “What is?”

“This,” Shanita slid the folder to Eli. “It just came in yesterday.”

Eli hardened his eyes at his friend before he opened the folder. Right before him were photos of Darren and Faith. It appeared they were on a date. He examined the photos and saw one of Faith giving Darren a kiss on the cheek while the other showed him holding her hand.

A small inferno began to build inside Eli. “Really, though?”


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