What’s It Gonna Be?!

Has it really been a week since I’ve updated? Nuts. It’s like life travels so fast when you’re busy, you know?

I apologize for lack of activity on the blog; I’ve been pretty focused with several projects so unfortunately I’ve neglected this blog in the process. How are you? Is everything in your life wonderful? If it isn’t, I hope it will be.

After some careful thought (and I didn’t want a repeat of my last private group where everyone was there just to keep sneak peeks and very few actually participated), I decided against a discussion group. I know how gossipy author groups can be or turn into so I don’t want to add to that. Sometimes it’s better to go against the grain than to play follow the leader, you know?

I will add discussion questions at the end of the Love book for those who do want to discuss the book amongst yourselves. Once again, I will not participate in any discussions with any group.

On a happier front, we’re finalizing the cover. The cover might be a bit controversial due to the fact there won’t be a Black woman on it. I know that’s the trend in a certain category (which makes no sense to me, but to each their own). Even though there are three main characters, the story is centered on Eli.

Um, that’s about it. I hope to have a new release out by the end of next week.

Stay beautiful, fam.


Of course, I can’t leave you hanging without a sneak peek.


It has been four years since Eli made the biggest mistake of his life – and it’s about to come back to bite him in his ass.

Eliodoro “Eli” D’Amato has finally found happiness: his marriage to Faith is stronger than before, they’ve expanded their family, and Madre’s is doing better than ever thanks to a very popular reality show featuring three of the brothers. But when a blast from Eli’s past comes back – with an unforgettable gift – will he once again be tempted by what could’ve been?

When Eli decided to work on his marriage, Simone Harris couldn’t get out of New York fast enough. The only problem is she has a constant reminder of what she wanted with Eli – her daughter, Elena. When Elena keeps inquiring about her father, Simone is put in a precarious position – to reach out to Eli or forever burn his memory. A return trip to New York will prove to be disastrous – and a blessing in disguise.

Faith D’Amato is a forgiving Christian woman who doesn’t believe in divorce. Years of therapy plus two additional children have made her marriage to Eli solid. But when Simone reappears in town with a daughter claiming to be Eli’s, Faith finds her belief system severely tested – and she’s not sure if she can weather this storm.

Love is a sequel to Where I Wanna Be and the fifth book in the D’Amato Brothers series. It is a sensual/erotic book that deals with forgiveness, trust, commitment, and revenge.


“Thanks for looking out for my son. I really appreciate it.”

“Not a problem, Mr. D’Amato,” the doctor warmly smiled. “It’s my job to look after kids.”

“Well, I can’t thank you enough.” Eli stated. He paused for a moment before he continued.  “I would like to take you out to dinner sometime as a token of appreciation.”

Erica followed the D’Amatos enough to know Eli’s request wasn’t just a platonic gesture. She may not have known a lot about what was occurring between Eli and his wife, or ex-wife, or whatever her title was, but she knew enough about Eli to stave off his advances. “I don’t do reality TV, Mr. D’Amato.”

“Who said anything about cameras? They only shoot when I tell them to.” he replied.

“TV cameras, yes.” Erica mentioned. “Paparazzi, not so much.”

She knew him too well. It was a definite downside to his fame. Eli really couldn’t go to the bathroom in peace. “Is there anyway I can convince you otherwise?”

“I’m afraid not,” she shook her head.

Eli walked up to her and caressed her cheek. “I always get my way.”

Erica shivered as a current of lust swept through her body. If Eli wanted her, he was about to fight. “And I look forward to the battle.”

The Love book will be out on Thanksgiving.

14 thoughts on “What’s It Gonna Be?!

  1. tiana j says:

    so now Faith is the bad guy cuz Eli can’t keep it in his pants, after the first book I never thought she should have went back to him in the fist place

  2. Genelle Montgomery says:

    I think that Faith stayed because it was what she was supposed to do and she didn’t want to lose. When she took Eli back she was supposed to be willing to not hold the past against him. No, you don’t forget if you see things that look wrong moving forward but if you’re going to try again you have to let go or you’re in for problems. You have to get past the past or you are going to have problems in your future.

    • veraroberts says:

      And you’re probably the one who just figured out one of the key issues in the sequels. 🙂

      I suspect (predict) a whole of people will not care for Faith for a short time as they read the books.

  3. ririjam says:

    I think Eli’s problem is that he didn’t get to “sow his wild oats” as much as his brothers did when he was young. He slept with a few girls, then Simone, she moved, then Faith. So, he’s really regressing right now. Faith…she needs to stop thinking that withholding sex is the end all for everything.

    • veraroberts says:

      You make good points. However, Eli’s new girlfriend has something to do with Darren. I’m going to put those pieces out there and see what you can come up with. Although it looks like Eli is stepping out on Faith again, it’s not that. Faith practically pushed Eli out of the marriage despite the counseling.

      It’s going to be a ride. Based on a lot of true stories.

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