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“You got something to say, Christian?” Kimberly asked. “Speak now or forever hold your peace.”

“If I must?”

“You better.”

“I find it to be hilarious there are a core group of women – namely Black women – who cream their panties each week for Olivia and Fitz despite the obvious bird behavior she exhibits for a married man. Each time a White woman confronts her, she’s stuck on stupid. But yet, when that happens in real life to our dear Faye, well, it’s not longer funny or desirable.” Christian feigned boredom. “Oh, the indignity.”

“It’s fiction and not real life!” Jocelyn defended and the other stylists nodded. “Why would we support Eli after he did?”

“Because you support President Fitz after what he’s doing?” Christian shrugged.

“I can watch any movie or TV show and support a killer,” Jocelyn mentioned, “it doesn’t mean I support them in real life.”

“Do you support our troops?” Christian asked.

“Well, yes.”

“Then you support killers,” he replied. “Tell me what Black man hurt you in your life? Your dad? Your brothers? Childhood punks?” He asked. “A guy who pumped and dumped you? I’m just curious why White guys are on this grandiose scale when you look back on every horrible crime committed in the U.S. history, White men were behind that shit.”

“Besides not all White men are bad.” Krista countered. “Black men, however…”

“Oh?” Christian’s curiosity piqued. “White men aren’t bad but there has to be something wrong with Black men? Sure White men aren’t bad,” Christian shrugged, “When’s the last time you heard of a Brotha going into a church or an elementary school and spraying people?”

“You’re getting on my fucking nerves,” Jocelyn warned him.

“I’m making your simple ass critically-think, Miss Thots-A-Lot.” He argued.

“Speak for yourself, Krista.” Kimberly shook her head, “I got me a fine one at home. Besides Christian does raise a point, though. If Fitz and Mellie were Black and Olivia was White, everybody would be Team Mellie.”

Truth hurts.

Love book. Thanksgiving 2015.

8 thoughts on “#SexySunday: Love book (D’Amato Brothers V) #ebook #fiction #nook #kindle #romance

  1. ccrooksrocha1 says:

    Them haters gonna be taking gulps of that haterade when this book is out. Imma be like kermit the frog sippin my tea and laughing right with you at them haters. 🐸☕✔

  2. Musings IRJ says:

    Oh shit, you going in with this book! You think you have enemies now lol, wait til this book drops. The hateration in this dancery will be off the charts! I need this book now!

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