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It was moments like this when Nick hated being the voice of reason among his brothers.

Being the oldest, Nick was used to playing two roles – pseudo father and older brother. He helped raised his brothers not only financially but also providing the emotional support they all needed as they grew older. That part, Nick didn’t mind so much. It gave him a sense of pride that his brothers valued his opinion so much and often made decisions based on his sound advice.

It were the other times – playing referee and therapist – that made Nick consider changing his phone number and living far, far away.

He felt the problems his brothers – namely Eli and Joey – had were their own and anything that came out of said disruptions were solely their issues. Still, condescending thoughts and facetious attitude aside, Nick was willing to help his brothers out with whatever problems that arose be it women, money, or other things. Family always came first and blood was thicker than water. They only had each other growing up and that is how it has always been and will be.

The Quiet One.

Nick smiled at the label he was given by the producers of Madre’s. Eli was the Charismatic One. Kieran was the Sensitive One. Joey was the Business One. Tony was the Lovable One.

And then there was Nick. He kept his business to himself, only revealing he had a wife, a son, and another baby on the way.

When Hollywood approached them for a reality show, Nick was very happy to stay out of the limelight and only posed for a national magazine cover because the whole family was doing it. He didn’t want to be bothered with a camera crew following him around everywhere, re-takes of him walking across campus, and scripted conflict because a “storyline” was needed for a particular week’s episode. Everyone in the family vouched that Nick was very private and didn’t want to appear on camera.

Of course, the real reason Nick refused to participate was he definitely didn’t want the intrusion in his personal life. He spent many years creating the persona known as Saint Nick and he didn’t want any disturbance to that. He could already imagine how many eager, willing, and quite frankly, stupid women would know that he was in BDSM and he would be flooded with asinine requests to spank them and get “a little kinky with the hair-pulling and ass-slapping” and blah blah blah bullshit.

The Love book will be available for pre-order soon (TBA).

The Love book will come out on Thanksgiving.

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  1. stephaniejynelle says:

    I love Nick. He stays rooted to who he is and doesn’t really care what people outside his family a and friends think. There is something so stable and reassuring with that.

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