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“Angel, this is Bob,” Jackson introduced them.

Bob? Angela wanted to laugh. Out of all the fake names and working with various Hollywood storylines, Enzo could not come up with a better name than Bob? “Pleasure to meet you,” she extended a hand, “Bob.”

“You’re more beautiful than I had imagined,” he kissed her hand.

Angela felt her blood boiling. She wanted to slap him. How dare he? “Well, we should probably get started now, shall we?”


Whenever one of the girls hosted a party at the home, they always used a separate room for the activities. It was Jackson’s way of separating business and personal so the girls wouldn’t feel too uncomfortable by turning tricks in the same room they slept in. But Angela knew better. Jackson had the private room because it was the only room in the home that had cameras. He wanted to keep tabs on what the girls were doing.

More specifically, he wanted to keep tabs on what Angel was doing. It was a part of Jackson Angela could never figure out. Did he actually like watching her perform or was the ingrained thought of him watching over her another way to control her very existence?

Either answer would’ve worked.

Once Angela and Enzo were out of Jackson’s earshot, she confronted him. “What in the hell are you doing?” Her voice was calm and collected as if she was talking to a stranger about the weather.

“You gave me a business card, remember?”

It was an oversight Angela quickly regretted. “You’re playing with fire.”

“I need to know with whom I’m working.”

“What I do in my own personal time is none of your concern,” Angela led Enzo to the massage table and helped him undress. She immediately regretted doing so. His body was shredded. A few tattoos adorned his upper arms and as Angela kept admiring Enzo’s physique, her mouth began to water. She determined it was from the nervousness of the evening, and not him.

He had tanned skin, almost a buttery brown. Long, jet-black hair was slicked back into a ponytail. His eyes… what color were they? Silver? Light-blue? She wasn’t entirely sure. She was pretty sure, however, they were the most beautiful things she had ever seen. He smelled of leather, musk, and raw sexual heat. He looked like he could go for hours and only take breathers for food and restroom matters.

When she met Enzo’s eyes again, they were cold. If Angela was pissed, Enzo was clearly livid. “Actually, it is my concern if you want to escape from here.” His tone was cold.

“I do but…”

“Then trust me,” he said with demand in his tone, “I’m only saying this once.”

“Jackson is a very dangerous man,” Angela was unfazed by Enzo’s change in temperament, “you don’t know what he’s capable of.”

“Correction,” he silenced her, “neither one of you know what I’m capable of. Jackson wears his emotions, so there’s no guessing.”

“And you?”

Enzo smiled. “I’m a Hollywood agent, sweetheart. We always have poker faces.”

“Fine. Get on the table,” she finally cleared her throat, “and lie face down.”

Enzo lay on the table and waited for Angela. He didn’t put too much faith in the young woman. He didn’t expect her to do anything but slap her hands on his back and call it a massage before she did what she was expected to do.

He was suddenly blessed by her hands kneading into his flesh. She rolled her hands up and down his back, sideways and circular. She touched all of his nerves, the right ones, the sensual ones. Enzo moaned and grunted with each movement, floating higher and higher. No wonder she was called Angel; she had to have been sent from Heaven.

After a few minutes, Angela instructed Enzo to turn over. “I’ll do your feet next,” she quietly whispered.

She kept her head down and eyes firmly planted on the ground as she gathered various oils for the foot massage. She knew the room by heart and didn’t have to look up to know what bottle she grabbed. She kept everything in the same place.

She mainly kept her eyes on the ground so she wouldn’t have to capture another glimpse of Enzo’s cock. It was so big and long and her mouth watered just thinking about how much she wanted to taste it. She had gotten so used to seeing other men naked, it didn’t bother her one way or the other but Enzo… he didn’t have to say anything but Angela was already tempted to have him do whatever he would like to her.

“Um, here’s a towel if you’d like to cover up?” She handed out a towel to him, without turning her back.

Enzo reached over and grabbed the towel to cover his waist. The thick terry cloth seemed to instantly eliminate sexual tension in the room. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Angela sat down on a stool in front of Enzo’s feet. “Tell me when it hurts.”

Once again, she kneaded her hands into Enzo’s feet, rubbing from the balls to the heels. He rolled his eyes in the back of his head and he gasped, wanting to sing her praises but no sound was coming out. If there was such a thing as falling in love through a foot massage, Enzo definitely discovered it.

After a short while, Angela stopped massaging Enzo’s feet. He wondered what was next but kept his eyes shut in anticipation. He didn’t have to wonder too long when he felt the towel slip from his body. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a naked Angela straddling his waist. She bent down to talk to him. “This is the part where I’m supposed to have sex with you.”

Damn she felt heavenly. Her breasts pressed softly against his chest and her behind felt smooth and perfect. His hard body was the perfect complement against her soft one. She straddled his body so perfectly it seemed she was the missing piece to his puzzle.

Under any other situation, Enzo wouldn’t have hesitated to flip Angela and give it to her over and over. But they weren’t in a perfect situation, and Enzo wasn’t about to take that chance, not while he still didn’t know all of the details about Jackson’s role in Angela’s life. “I want to make love to you, Angela,” Enzo caressed her back, his shaft poking into her thigh, “but not like this.”

Angela wanted him, like she’d never wanted any other man. She closed her eyes and felt his desire teasing at her entrance. All she had to do was move a little to the left and he would be inside her. The temptation was becoming unbearable. It was becoming hotter inside the room and Enzo knew it wasn’t the steam; it was the undeniable heat rising between him and Angela.

She felt the soft rise of his chest as he breathed. His strong arms caressed her body, touching off every sense and emotion she’s ever felt. “You’re going to get me into trouble, Enzo,” she murmured.

Enzo’s lips grazed her neck and made their way to her earlobe. A soft moan escaped Angela’s lips and Enzo loved it. He pulled her face up and met her doe-brown orbs. There was a fire and intensity inside them that matched his. “It’s trouble we both want, isn’t it?”

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