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“And since we’re on the topics of getting into business that’s not yours, do me a favor and leave my wife alone.”

Darren took another sip of tea and chuckled. “I’m not the one you should be having that conversation with.”

“Oh, Faye knows exactly how I feel. I told her if you’re the one she wants, she should go after it and I won’t stop her.” Eli stated to Darren’s amused look. “Yeah, I said that.”

A small silence passed between the men. “Doesn’t it bother you, Eli? Before me, you were the only man Faith was ever with. She had nothing and no one to compare anything to. Now each time you make love to her, in the back of her mind, she’s comparing us and wondering which one stacks up.” Darren slowly sipped his coffee. “That would bother me.”

“Actually, it doesn’t,” Eli leaned forward and Darren raised a surprised eyebrow. “You see, Faye had her fun with you but she came back home. She came back to Daddy. So it doesn’t matter if she compares the two of us forever. Whatever you did during that weekend clearly wasn’t enough to satisfy her for the rest of her life.”

“She still contacts me, Eli.” Darren taunted.

“No, she did contact you but you know why she stopped, don’t you?” Eli smiled. “She saw the game you were running on her and she quickly realized you were a nice fantasy but absolutely nothing like the reality she has every single day.” He softly chuckled. “Oh, you’ve seen her naked but can you tell me her dreams? Can you tell me a story about her that doesn’t involve you? Can you tell me her fears, her hopes, her aspirations? No, you can’t. You want to know why? Because you don’t care. You may have been infatuated with my wife at first, I’ll give you that much. But after a while, it became a game to you. She played a role that you made you dick-hard to direct. What we both know and Faye is slow to catch on is she’s another chick to you. She’s Harlem girl. What about the one in Miami? What about the one in San Francisco? Oh yeah, you want to be Faye’s white knight and take her away from her big, bad husband but my man, you’re no better. You’re actually worse.

“I swear you white guys slay me with your bullshit sometimes. You get a show like Scandal on TV and now every motherfucker thinks he can be President and bang a black chick on the side because that’s what’s trendy. Let me ask you, Darren…did you actually want my wife or did you want to channel your inner Thomas Jefferson fantasies with a modern day Sally Hemings?”

Darren stood up and Eli calmly sipped his tea as he watched the man stand over him.

“I wish you would,” Eli softly replied.

The Love book will be out Thanksgiving 2015. Pre-sale information will be available around November 10th.

Where I Wanna Be, the prequel, is available now. Print book will be out later this year (finally!)

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