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Face-off large

“Tell me you want it,” He commanded.

Sydney forced her eyes open and locked them with his. It was just them in the universe. No hockey deals. No meddling exes. Nothing but them in that moment.

“I want it,” she pleaded, “I want you.”

He stripped off her top and bra before he lowered his mouth to one breast. His tongue played with the hardened nub as a free hand caressed the other. He then moved his fingers to Sydney’s mouth and she willingly suckled on them, anxious to feel his shaft in her. He trailed his tongue down her chest to her navel and finally ended at the beginning of her pink lace panties. He lowered his head and briefly sniffed her essence and sighed. He loved the way she smelled, tasted, and tightly felt around him.

Dean hooked his thumbs underneath her panties and slowly pulled them down before he climbed back to the slick dampness of her. He opened her thighs and began to pleasure her, enjoying her while a free hand held her down.

Sydney panted and sighed as she responded to every touch from him. Pleasure rippled through her body like a steady current as her feet dug into his shoulders. Pleasure she’d never known from a love she never thought she’d experience. It was almost overwhelming.

It slowly rumbled out of her body, starting at the pit of her stomach and traveling down to the curl of her feet when the climax finally broke through. She arched off the bed into a soft cry before Dean shot up and kissed her. He sank into her and drove so deep and fast, as if he were claiming her once again.

The thrusts quickened to a hard and heavy pace as they rode each other. Tongues tangled, fingers intertwined, and bodies collided. She went over the edge first, followed by him. As they laid together, coming down from their highs, Sydney lazily played with the ring and sighed.

“Okay, I forgive you.”

Face-off, the final book in the Breakaway series, is available at All Romance, Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.