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It was official – Enzo was a boil on the asshole of life.

Jackson calmly sat at his mahogany desk as he peered out the window. Years ago, Enzo pulled out all of the stops to destroy him and he nearly did. He had to pack up and leave Los Angeles, starting afresh on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Now Enzo was back.

It was comical, Jackson thought. He and Enzo were the same and yet both men had a thick contempt for each other. It wasn’t about Angela and if Jackson wanted to be honest, it was never about her.

It was about power.

Enzo was the most powerful man in L.A. and he’d spent several years to maintain that title. His resume boasted of huge box office returns and everyone on his roster was an A-lister in some way, including Angela. She’d recently landed a new starring role in a political drama that became an instant hit.

It wasn’t enough for Enzo and that was clear. He hated the fact Jackson bounced back and became even more popular than before. In addition to the brothels, he’d opened up a nightclub and was expanding his reach once again to L.A. He was going to open an adult bookstore. He was sure Enzo was well aware of it.

Jackson was powerful in his own right – catering to politicians, law enforcement, actors, musicians, and athletes. Everyone knew who he was and spoke in hushed tones about what he could offer. Drugs? Not a problem. Jackson knew dealers. Fetishes? Not a concern, he had girls that catered to every kink.

On second thought, maybe Jackson was a pimp; he’d certainly pimped out Los Angeles for everything she had to offer.

As long as Enzo minded his business and kept out of Jackson’s, there were no problems. Now there was one – Liane.

Jackson never inquired if she was still friends with Enzo and honestly, didn’t care. Liane wasn’t his girlfriend and he had no right to tell her who she should associate with. Now Enzo was inserting himself in business that had nothing to do with him. If Enzo wanted to play games with Jackson, he’d better make sure he was going to win or it was going to be a very embarrassing loss.

Fuck this, Jackson promptly got up and stretched. There was a gorgeous woman entertaining herself in his living room and he was currently moping in his office. He was going to spend the rest of the weekend enjoying her company. Then come Monday, he was going to pay a nice visit to Enzo.

When Love Calls is the second book in the Jackson and Liane trilogy. It’ll be out this month (release date pushed back a little). Cover reveal coming soon! 🙂

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    • veraroberts says:

      You’re actually one of the very few who understood that Jackson and Enzo were the same but they operate differently. I also think that’s why there’s such a dislike for each other and how they essentially can read each other very well.

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