#FlashFriday: When Love Calls (Jackson & Liane II) #ebook #kindle #nook #romance

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“I love this song!” Liane moved in her seat.

“Let’s go,” Jackson set down his drink and grabbed her hand, leading them out to the dance floor. Liane began to grind against her love as she mouthed Aaliyah’s lyrics.

Jackson tightly held onto Liane’s waist as she pushed against him. He turned her around and lifted one of her legs as their bodies moved in unison. Their fingers interlaced while they maintained eye contact only with each other.

“I don’t think you’re ready for this thang…” Liane lip-synched. Jackson only smiled in response.

He turned her around and held her arms in the air as he ground against her, creating a small sensual wave between them. His hardness pressed more into her behind while his lips caressed her ears with bedroom promises.

“I’m ready for it,” he spoke.

Liane shook her head as she kept dancing. “Ready for what?”

Jackson turned her back around to face him. “All of it.”

It felt the world stood still and it was just the two of them at that moment. Her position with the police department wasn’t a concern. His proclivities didn’t matter. She truly saw him for the first time and read his vulnerability. He was raw. He was open.

He was about to do what she’d asked him to and without hesitation. He was ready to give it all up for her. Liane didn’t know if she felt the same.

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      I miss you, too, love! I hope you and the family are doing great! Bear is growing like a weed and just getting into everything. Pride and joy and always keeps me on my toes.

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