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So about that one story…

Writing the Love & War books have been, well, a challenge.

I sometimes get a case of writer’s block where I’m stuck and don’t know where to go or how to pursue a story. It happens. It happens to just every writer I know. You can have an outline for a story and it’s like…hmm…this isn’t going to get written anytime soon. Or in some cases, ever.

That brings us to Love & War (D’Amato Brothers 5).

I always have to know how a book is going to end before I start writing it. If I don’t know the ending, I won’t write it. While I knew how the War book was going to end, I didn’t know how the Love book’s ending.

And I was stuck. Not a fun place to be.

I often get into my own bubble and purposely remain unbothered so I can focus. Sometimes it’s to my advantage. Sometimes it’s to my disadvantage. Sometimes I don’t know ‘what’s in’ or ‘what’s hot’. I don’t go with the flow and I really keep to myself. If I’m really stuck, I work on other projects and get those going (so if you see me releasing book after book and not necessarily the book you’re interested in, that’s why).

So I read…and read a lot. I made sure not to read anything romance and watched some TV. I started working out a lot more and dropped a significant amount of weight. I finally got my mojo back.

Most importantly, my characters spoke to me.

The challenge about writing the next installment of the D’Amatos is this particular story is I didn’t want to gloss over what really happens in a marriage after trust has been broken. While Where I Wanna Be made it seem everything was tied up in a nice, little bow, I had a feeling there was more to it. A lot more. You kinda had to wonder what really went on in those absent years.

Did Faith really forgive Eli?

Did Eli really forgive Faith? (She cheated, too.)

How did Simone handle being a single mother?

Did Simone and Eli keep in contact with each other?

Did Darren and Faith keep in contact with each other?

What is Simone’s true purpose coming back into Eli’s life so late?

Those are not a lot of questions but they need answers. I know this. My inbox is full of them, LOL. Um, that’s about it. I’m sure those who ‘hated’ the first book are going to read the sequels, because that’s how things usually go…

In the first book (since that’s being released soon enough), we’ll explore how things really were between Faith, Eli, and Simone to an extent. We’ll check in with the other D’Amatos to see how they’re doing. And we’ll finally get some answers.

I don’t know how long this book will be nor do I know how much it’ll ultimately cost. I’ll announce that as it gets closer to the release date. Of course, if you won a free copy this doesn’t apply to you (smile!). I still have all of your e-mails from a couple of years ago and they’re being honored.

I’ll be available for select author and group interviews at my discretion once the Love book is released. To set up an interview, you can e-mail me or contact me on twitter.

And there you have it,


Unedited snippet:

“Um…” Eli let out a small breath. “I need to tell you what happened when I went to Houston. I didn’t tell you everything.”

“You didn’t tell me everything?” Faith slightly chuckled. “What are you talking about?”

“Um…” Eli felt tongue-tied. He swallowed and scratched his head. His stomach was turning into tight knots and his clothing suddenly felt restricted, almost choking him.

“Eli, you’re scaring me,” Faith warned.

“I saw Simone,” Eli turned to his wife. “The garden I went to, is owned by one of her cousins and she just happened to be there.” He swallowed again. “So I saw her.”

Faith nodded slowly and briefly looked up at the ceiling. She never thought she would hear that woman’s name again, not that she could ever forget her name. Every fight, no matter how minute, was traced back to her. Every counseling session, no matter how much progress was made, was traced back to her. New positions in the bedroom were linked back to Simone and Faith wondered from time to time if Simone pleased Eli better than she ever could.

Dare Faith admit it, the births of their last two children was traced back to Simone. Maybe that wasn’t too bad. Two beautiful things came out of something bad.

Eli’s reaction to seeing Simone wasn’t just a simple ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’, Faith sensed. Something really bad happened and Faith was waiting for Eli to admit it. She would hate to think he would throw away years of therapy because he felt weak for a moment…again. “There’s something you’re not telling me, Eli.”

Eli let out another breath. He needed a drink. A drink wouldn’t help him at this point. He needed something. “We went out to dinner,” he admitted.

“Dinner?” There was sudden tension in Faith’s voice.

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