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I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my way in the end.

Senator Jay Edwards smiled as he remembered the famous quote made by Margaret Thatcher. He was considered to be one of the most welcoming and nice people in office, as long as no one crossed him. Many didn’t. Those who did made sure not to make the same mistake twice.

His patience had paid off, winning yet another election this past November with loud whispers of a future White House run; his party already started the campaigning, though the election wouldn’t be for another two and a half years. He didn’t mind soaking up the limelight, though. If his face being plastered all over TV, internet, and magazines meant more attention to the causes he was so passionate about, it was great.

The Beautiful Asshole. It was a nickname he didn’t coin himself but rather, some fellow female colleagues in office. The beautiful part was due to his dashing movie star looks—he stood over six feet tall, kept his ebony hair trimmed, and had a shade of blue eyes that alternated between cobalt and sea blue. His smile boasted of perfect teeth and he made sure he flashed it often; he never knew when there would be a potential photo-op.

The asshole part of the nickname wasn’t too hard to figure out and it was due to his take-no-prisoners attitude. Did he consider himself an asshole? Well, it depended on the definition. He wasn’t a pushover and he occasionally (in truth, it was often) used emotional and political blackmail to get what he wanted with no fights or complaints. That nickname from his own party, he didn’t mind.

It was the other nickname—The Breck Girl, after the old beauty advertisements showcasing illustrious hair and styling—that made his anger quiver with impatience. His political rivals called him that at every opportunity and Jay thought it was cute at first until one of them threw shade at him by mentioning a certain time of the month and maybe he should go buy some Tampax. Jay made a silent note—that rival was not only going to be politically killed, Jay was going to make sure he would be burned alive.

It was a question that was raised after S&M III was released a few years ago…is Sanora married? Who would She be married to? What type of dynamic do they have? Are there children? Some even questioned why Sanora and Scott wouldn’t be a couple if things didn’t work out between him and Mariana.

For those who have read S&M IV, those questions were answered and Her true ethnicity was finally revealed.

All of the men in Sanora’s life possess certain qualities about them – they’re powerful, wealthy, and very attractive. In IV, I explored Sanora’s past with her parents and their whirlwind romance. It is clear with Her choice in men – namely Jay and Scott (along with Dominic and Eduardo) – they remind Her of Dimitri.

The Senator and his wife…they’re a fun couple to explore. As we’ll delve more into their history leading up to the present, we’ll see how much they influence each other. They’re yin and yang. Alpha and omega. And absolutely dangerous.


I Need You is available NOW.

S&M IV is available NOW.

S&M IV, Part 2’s release date TBA soon.

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