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“I’m really glad you liked it because if you didn’t, I was about to burn it. And when I say burn it, I mean I was about to take a match, some lighter fluid, and it was about to be the Fourth of July in my backyard.”

If there was one solid thing Dean was good at, it was relieving stress.

He had a carefree vibe about him that was both endearing and annoying. It almost seemed he never worried about anything. Or maybe, Sydney really suspected, he only worried about the right things.

He was a world-renowned hockey player with a multimillion-dollar contract on his shoulders and all he cared about was if his new expensive mattress wasn’t a complete waste of money. He revealed he was suckered into those late-night infomercials one evening and he felt like spending money.

“It’s a very comfortable mattress,” Sydney revealed as they strolled around the Conservatory of Flowers, “it holds up my knees very well.”

Dean chuckled. “I love that position,” he remembered how he kept putting her in doggy style. He loved seeing her ass jiggle as he thrust into her. “I love them all but I really love that particular one.”

“Oh, look over here,” she deflected as her cheeks turned a deep shade of crimson. She led them to an area that showcased Venus flytraps. She’d never seen any in person before. “These are so cool looking!”

“They are,” he agreed, “they remind me of Plants v. Zombies.”


“It’s an addicting game you play on your phone, you’re supposed to fight off these zombies with your plants, and there’s this one really cool plant that eats the zombies These remind me of those.” Sydney turned to him as Dean sheepishly smiled at her. “What?”

“You’re such a nerd!” she laughed. “I love that about you. You’re so normal.”

“You keep saying that,” he mentioned, “what were you expecting me to be?”

They began walking again. “I deal with a lot of hotty-totty bitches at Macy’s. Women whose faces are so pulled back, they look like if they stepped outside into the sun, they’re going to melt. I see them with their high heels, their little toy dogs…their whole outfit that’s probably worth more than four months my rent. And they have an air about them. They’ll give an attitude and all you did was just say hello. They know they’re better than you. They don’t come out and say it. In fact, they’ll never say it. But they’ll give you that look. They’ll think that way. ‘Oh, poor little girl who’s working at Macy’s meanwhile my husband just bought me my ninth Mercedes.’” Sydney vividly recalled. “So if I sound redundant about you being normal, you have to excuse me. I’m used to otherwise.”

“How do you deal with it?” He asked as an image of Rebecca ran across his mind.

“I suck it in and smile,” she shrugged, “nothing else I can do. I say something back, I’ll be written up no matter how much of it wouldn’t be my fault. So I just deal with it.”

“And you want to stay in retail?” He genuinely asked.

“No, I don’t,” she revealed. They stopped walking and she turned to him. “I want to move in with you. I don’t know how soon and I haven’t figured out all of the details but I want to be with you. Now and forever.”

“Break your lease and I’ll pay for everything. The moving trucks, the airfare, everything,” he cupped her face, “I don’t want money to be a factor in your decision. I don’t want you to worry about how you’re going to afford lunch or if you can afford to get a nice purse you’ve had your eye on. I’m going to take care of you, Syd.”

Sydney felt suffocated with joy and relief. Her chest cinched in love as she blinked back tears and tightened her lips. “No one has ever promised me that,” she sniffled.

“Good,” he thumbed away her falling tears, “the others didn’t deserve you.”

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It is the final book in the Breakaway series.