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He pulled down the straps of her bra and freed her breasts. They softly bounced in his hands as he playfully squeezed them and lightly twisted the puckered nipples. He took one breast fully into his mouth and let his tongue play around the hard nipple before he repeated the same motion to the other one. Meanwhile Sydney felt like she was about to go over the edge as her panties dampened more with pleasure and lust for the man who’d saved her life.

He spread her legs apart and moved aside the panties enough to slide in. His thickness completely filled her, possessing her body as she gripped him like a vise. The thrusts started slow before he furiously drove into her repeatedly, claiming her as his. When she climaxed the first time, Dean simply smiled as he watched her, continuing with his thrusts. The second orgasm came a short time later and she screamed his name as she collapsed back onto the sofa.

He gave a few more thrusts until he finally released; a guttural moan escaping his mouth and he fell on top of her. As they both slowly came down from their highs and resume regular breathing, Sydney tended to more important matters.

“What’s for dinner, babe?”

“I don’t know. Peanut butter and jelly?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Face-off, the final book in the Breakaway series, is available NOW at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance.

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  1. Monique Nelson says:

    Loved it. Would love to see more Sarah and Jameson…Roman too! Can’t wait for S&M IV part 2. Also loved how you weaved Wait for Love into that. I remembered them going to meet Ryan.

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