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Dean had the body of a Greek god. Chiseled, hardened, and just flat-out beautiful. Strong, muscular legs led up to a washboard stomach and broad chest. His hardened shaft jutted out and Sydney felt her mouth water. She was about to follow his lead and strip before Dean held up a hand. “I want to do it,” he replied.

Fire raced throughout Sydney’s body before it pooled at the heat of her thighs. She remained perfectly still on the bed as she watched him slowly crawl onto the bed, stalking her like an animal about to feast on its prey. He stopped at her jeans and unbuttoned them. He slowly pulled down the zipper as his eyes remained focused on her. He lifted her legs up so her feet were on his shoulders and he reached down to get her jeans over her hips. He caressed and kissed her legs before he softly sucked her toes.

Dean’s name came out in a harsh breath from Sydney’s mouth. Heat surged through her body and she clenched the comforter as she arched off the bed. No man had ever created such a wild desire within her. She wasn’t herself; she was some unknown being that was foreign to her. She felt him put her legs down and nudged her thighs open so he could nestle between them.

“Tell me you want it,” He commanded.

Sydney forced her eyes open and locked them with his. It was just them in the universe. No hockey deals. No meddling exes. Nothing but them in that moment.

“I want it,” she pleaded, “I want you.”

He stripped off her top and bra before he lowered his mouth to one breast. His tongue played with the hardened nub as a free hand caressed the other. He then moved his fingers to Sydney’s mouth and she willingly suckled on them, anxious to feel his shaft in her. He trailed his tongue down her chest to her navel and finally ended at the beginning of her pink lace panties. He lowered his head and briefly sniffed her essence and sighed. He loved the way she smelled, tasted, and tightly felt around him.

Dean hooked his thumbs underneath her panties and slowly pulled them down before he climbed back to the slick dampness of her. He opened her thighs and began to pleasure her, enjoying her while a free hand held her down.

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2 thoughts on “#SexySunday: Face-off #newadult #contemporary #romance #ebook #kindle #nook

  1. ririjam says:

    I’m truly looking forward to reading this. Love your work! One comment about Daddy’s Angel, was Glen really going to kill Angel when he got to the hotel or just put her out with the chloroform?

    • veraroberts says:

      Thank you so much for the love! 🙂

      To answer your question, I think he was just going to put her out. Jackson cared about Angel too much to actually kill her.

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