Wicked Wednesday: Face-off #newadult #romance #contemporary #ebook #nook

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In the back of Face-off, which will be out this week, will be a small S&M (Scott & Mariana) story. At first it was going to be a separate story but it didn’t make any sense to do that so consider it to be a snippet of S&M IV, Part 2.

I’m still iffy on the release date of Part 2. Originally, the goal was December 2015 but I think I might be pretty busy during that time so I’m going to leave it open.


I should state (again), all of the Scott & Mariana news, updates, snippets, etc. will strictly be on the blog. I highly encourage you (and those who like to link this blog to various Facebook groups; I see you 🙂 ) to subscribe to the blog because many questions will be answered.

And there you have it,


Face-off snippet:

“Can I just go to the blogs and complain how much of a dick he is?” Sydney whined as she leaned on Sarah. She stuffed her mouth full of salted caramel Haagen-Dazs. “That’ll get him fired, wouldn’t it?”

“You need to change your name. I have a few suggestions.” Sarah began. “There’s Petty Labelle. There’s also Petty White. My personal favorite is Tyler Petty. Which one do you prefer?”

“I prefer Petty Wap,” Sydney stuck out her tongue.

“Trap Queen you are not,” Sarah shook her head, “I don’t know what one is but I’m pretty sure you’re not it.” She narrowed her eyes and a slow smile formed. “That’s it!”

“I’m a Trap Queen?”

“No!” Sarah smiled. “You’re Katy Petty!”

“Whatever,” Sydney rolled her eyes, “I prefer Petty Rowland.”

“Petty Rowland?”

“Petty Rowland.” Sarah shook her head. “Kelly Rowland?” Sarah still shook her head and Sydney felt she had to school her best friend on one of the greatest girl groups ever. “Destiny’s Child? Beyonce’s sidekick? Say my name, say my name?”

“Petty, petty, pet-ty, petty, petty, peeeeeetty,” Sarah sang and both women howled in laughter. “Everyone always hypes up the sidekick like they’re important but no one cares!” Sarah laughed and Sydney joined in. “Seriously. When’s the last time you heard someone comment on how awesome Robin is? Or about that Shaggy dude?”


“See?” Sarah pointed out. “No one gives a damn about that guy – the cartoon or the singer!”

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