WickedWednesday: Behind the Pen – To Love and Obey (D’Amato Brothers #2)

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“Have you ever been spanked?” Nick’s voice echoed in the classroom and made Zerrin stop in her tracks. She heard his footsteps walk over to her. She felt his strong presence directly behind her. She felt his eyes boring into her, drinking her in, and holding her steady.

“What?” Her voice cracked.

“Have you ever been spanked?” He asked again.

Nick stood close—too close—and it made Zerrin uncomfortable; her heart seemed to be skipping several beats and her throat suddenly became dry. She managed to find the strength to steady her breath, inhaling and exhaling through her nose, though she regretted that action. Each time she inhaled, she was blessed with the delicious musky cologne Nick was wearing.

It was at that moment Zerrin realized exactly how long it had been since she’s been with a man. Weeks morphed into months and Zerrin lost track. The last time she had sex was a long time ago and the last time she had good sex was even longer. It was too long and the sensations she was getting from her neck down to her core were making her head spin.

Still, she managed to find a few words. “No, I haven’t.” She shook her head. “Not yet.”

Nick walked over to the desk and sat down in the chair behind him. “Lift up your skirt and bend over my knee,” He ordered.

Zerrin hesitated. Did he just ask her what she thought he asked her? And at school? What if someone came in? What if a student spied on them? “Here?”

“A true submissive would just do, not ask,” Nick’s voice was stern. “Thank you, Zerrin. You can be on your way now.”

“Wait!” she interjected. She swallowed her pride and walked back to Nick and lifted her skirt, exposing her ass cheeks through her tights. She bent over his lap and again felt Nick’s eyes on her. He steadied her body, putting one hand on the small of her back while the other hand rubbed her ass, feeling how soft and supple it was.

Her heart was pounding, and her mind was racing; going a mile a minute. She lightly swallowed a few times, wondering what Nick was going to do to her. Was he going to hurt her? Was he going to harm her? She wished she had kept her mouth shut and avoided him for the rest of the year.

Smack! The sharp thud of Nick’s hand against her ass woke Zerrin up. Her eyes widened and her mouth gasped open in shock and pain. Smack! The second swat made her body tingle and the pain vibrated throughout her body. Smack! The third swat, however, created a hot sensation in her sex. Desire coursed through her body as her toes curled and Zerrin’s tongue darted out to moisten her lips. She swallowed a few times to steady her breath. Was she breathing? She stopped breathing upon the anticipation of everything. She finally let out a small breath through her nose and closed her eyes.

That was where she belonged. She felt needed. She felt at home. “If you want guidance, I can give it to you. If you don’t want guidance and prefer the bullshit that happened back at the club, we’re done here,” Nick quietly spoke as his hand circled her ass, causing shivers running up and down Zerrin’s spine. “The choice is yours.”

Zerrin closed her eyes and took a deep breath. This is what she wanted, right? She wanted a real Dom. She wanted someone to teach her, train her, and instill values in her. She wanted someone she could submit to. She wanted someone to own her mind and body. “I want this.”

“Why do you want to be a submissive?”

“I think it’s sexy, and I like the power exchange.”

Nick wasn’t convinced about Zerrin. He had witnessed too many women reading a romanticized tale of BDSM and the complicated D/s relationship, thinking that it was just one big orgasmic session after another. The same ones were usually surprised once they realized there was a lot of servitude and obedience expected from them, then they start screaming about Women’s Rights and referencing the suffrage movements as they hurriedly put on their clothing and raced out of his home. “There’s more to being a submissive than just being tied up and a guy fucks you with a dildo. There’s a lot of service and submission that is involved.”

This is probably one of my favorite books I’ve ever written. I feel this book really shows what a true D/s relationship looks like and what is to be expected from both parties, regardless that it’s also an interracial love story. I’m particularly glad that several book blogs also agreed!

I think the biggest difference between Nick D’Amato and Scott Reed is Nick is very conservative, if you will, about BDSM and particularly about being a Dom. If He doesn’t see potential in a submissive, He simply doesn’t waste His time. As noted in other releases, the Anticipation and Yes, Master books, Nick feels most women love the sex part of BDSM, but would probably balk at a boot-blacking session or participating in tea service. He tells Zerrin point blank, he wasn’t going to go easy on her despite their working relationship. He puts her through a lot of rigorous training and she also becomes a better person as a result. She’s thinner, more outspoken, and a bit more liberal with her clothing, adding more colors to her wardrobe.

Though Nick is wealthy in the D’Amato Brothers (they all are), his story focuses more on him balancing being a Dom, a strict professor, and a loving boyfriend who has to choose between his career and his woman. I think every woman wants a man like Nick to fight for them.

To Love and Obey is available in e-book and print form.