#ManicMonday: Faceoff #newadult #romance #contemporary

“Remember – let the pain go through you. Flow with the pain.”

“Yes, Master.” Sydney nodded.


Sydney gasped upon feeling the first strike. It stung. She dared not to speak and only mouthed ouch in response.


The second strike caused a weird sensation. It tingled.




The next strikes made her aroused, as desire raced throughout her body like a maze. This time, a soft moan escaped her lips.

“Where are you?” He asked.

“Green, Sir,” she replied.

“Good,” Roman stood back and smirked down at her, “use your safeword.”

He rained a flurry of swats on her; almost in tune with the soft music that played in the background. It seemed every strike made flower dizzy with arousal as sweat coated her body and she licked her lips in response. Her sex was slick with heat and she was almost at the edge.

No. He was going to stop and pleasure her other ways. Then maybe, if she were a good girl, He would flog her again.

He tossed the flogger aside and stood in between her legs. He caressed her slick folds with a finger and watched her shiver underneath Him. He circled her pearl with the same finger and studied her reaction. She gasped, slightly moaned, and licked her lips. She was ready.

“Please, Sir,” her voice came out above a whisper.

Keeping His eyes on her reaction, Roman dove His tongue into her heat. He circled her clit, letting it bounce on His tongue. He added one finger, then two before His mouth claimed her, marking her as His yet again.

Her body tightly coiled up before it shattered into mini-fireworks. She breathed hard, trying to capture her breath before she settled back into reality. She was at home. She was loved. She was with Sir. That’s all that mattered.

“You’re about to do something really stupid, aren’t you?” Real Estate asked.

The memory faded away in Roman’s mind as he played with the business card Trisha gave him. It had Sydney’s new phone number. “Maybe.”

Why Sydney had a hard time letting go of Sir Roman. Hmm…maybe likewise.

Faceoff, the last book in the Breakaway series, will be out next month. (Cover reveal coming very soon!)

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