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Love was a funny thing. It didn’t have a definite beginning or a definitive ending. It was messy, complicated, and tumultuous. It was beautiful, wonderful, and everything.

It was Sydney.

He knew when he met her, it was all over. He tried to deny it and said he wasn’t in love with her but rather, he was in like. It was bullshit. He loved her the moment he saw her. He loved her laugh, her depreciating sense of humor, and her dazzling smile. He loved she knew nothing about hockey but was eager to know more. He loved she loved life and most importantly, loved love. She was funny, whimsical, and maybe a tad bit of a bad girl.

She was perfect.

He would watch her sleep and just stare at the wonder of her. Her soft and sensual lips. The beauty that radiated on her face. The beauty marks and blemishes that he loved, despite how embarrassed she was by them. Her long, brunette hair tied up into two ponytails or soft, cascading waves on his sheets.

They’d spent many a night exploring each other. Nothing was taboo yet everything was sacred. He was a poor schmuck that just got lucky in life; he could admit that. And now he hit the jackpot with her. She loved him because who he was. She loved him in spite of who he was. She didn’t care about his cars (she complained he owned too many), his house (she wondered aloud if he’d expected her to clean it when he was away; he told her he had a maid service that came over and she asked if the maids were ugly as sin), and was jealous he lived right on the beach (he wanted to go skinny dipping one night and she said she wasn’t drunk enough).

She was the comfort in his life, the inspiration to see all things beautiful, and the calm in his storm of everything. All of those sappy love songs on the radio started to make sense. He missed her not due to time or distance but rather, wishing she were there with him when he went for a walk or catching a flick.

For the first time as long as Dean could remember, Sydney made him feel both vulnerable and invincible.

Faceoff, the final book in the Breakaway series is due August 1st. $2.99. Cover reveal coming soon!

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