Here I Am


“Say, if you’re available this weekend, I was wondering we could go out and get some coffee? Or catch a flick?” She suggested.

“I’m busy Saturday morning but I should be available around two if that’s okay with you?” He responded.

“Sure thing,” Mariana hesitated to ask but pursued it anyway, “what’s going on Saturday morning?”

“Um,” Scott’s eyebrows furrowed and his lips pursed, “just a little something, that’s all.”

Mariana’s mind went a mile a minute. A little something…as in a date? As in dropping off the next thot at her home? As in having a sex marathon that morning? It certainly wasn’t business because Scott made it a personal rule to never conduct business on weekends. “Oh,” was all she could muster.

It was like there was an ongoing fight inside Mariana’s head for dominant thoughts and it was clearly expressed on her face. He may not know exactly what she was thinking but he could tell it were thoughts that weren’t great and put him in the worst light. She’d always wondered why he was able to beat her at strip poker. “Say, if you want, you could meet me. I’ll be at CHOC during that time.”

CHOC was Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Mariana wondered what Scott would be doing there. “Um, okay.”

“You should probably wear a pantsuit with your hair in a bun. And maybe some frames.” He suggested. “Caution on the heels. The hospital floor is slippery.”

“What’s going on?” She asked and wondered why she had to look professional when it wasn’t clear what her visit was for.

“Just trust me on this,” he flashed a charming smile, “you won’t regret it.”


I totally regret this.

Mariana took out her Hello Kitty compact mirror and admired her face. She was lucky she had a pair of hipster frames just for this purpose. She glanced down at her attire one last time – slacks, white blouse, her finest pearls, and her hair in a loose bun.

Just as Scott wanted.

She walked inside the hospital and went to the visitor’s check-in. “I’m looking for Scott Reed.”

“Oh yes,” the volunteer said behind the desk. She prepped a visitor’s sticker and handed it over to Mariana. “Just go around that corner and take the elevator to the second floor. You can’t miss him.”

Mariana found the older woman’s words to be odd but she remained silent. She headed to the second floor and was at a loss for words at the long corridor. There were so many rooms available and she wasn’t about to peep her head into each one, terrifying a sick child and their families.

She finally located a nurse and asked her if she knew where Scott was. “Oh, Superman? Why, he’s in that room right there!” The nurse pointed and sighed. “What a dreamboat!”

Superman? Mariana silently questioned. “Yes, thank you.” She took another quick glance down at her outfit and slowly walked towards the room. From the outside, she overheard Scott reading a children’s tale.

“Music Man Stan says that he has a potty I can use…right in the music shop!” Scott exclaimed as he read from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. “I can go potty right away!” He briefly looked up and locked eyes with Mariana. “Well, look who’s here, Max! Lois Lane came by to visit!”

Looking like a dead ringer for Superman, Mariana walked over to Scott and gave him a hug. He was dressed in the full Superman gear, with a cape that draped over his chair. Mariana noticed he wore blue contacts. “Why hello, Superman. And hello to you, Max!”

“Hi Lois!” Four-year-old Max waved from his bed.

“Say Lois,” Scott’s eyes twinkled, “can you get Max and I some juice from the nursing station? Just ask them and they’ll show you. Get one for yourself as well.”

“Sure thing,” Mariana set down her purse and hoped that would somehow make her heart stop pounding against her chest and her ovaries to relax on their breakdancing. “What did you two want?”

“Apple juice!” Max exclaimed.

“Two please,” Scott added.

“Okay, two apple juices coming right up!” Mariana hurried out of the room.

“Lois Lane is pretty,” Max giggled.

“Yes, she is,” Scott smiled, “she’s very pretty.”

“Is she your girlfriend, Superman?”

“No, she’s not my girlfriend,” Scott flipped a page, “but she’s definitely my kryptonite.”

Author’s Note: This will probably be the last S&M snippet I’m going to post in a while since I’m finalizing a release date for Part 2 (yeah, it’s coming out a lot sooner than you think.) Stay tuned.


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  1. stephaniejynelle says:

    Love it. I like seeing this side of Scott and Marianna’s surprise. I really hope things turn out better. It is goid that Scott can still surprise her in a good way.

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