#ThrowbackThursday: Breakaway #newadult #romance #contemporary


“Well, here it is…” Dean said as they entered the suite and looked around. “Not bad.”

Sydney was convinced she didn’t see the same room Dean did. There were two bedrooms that were separated by the living room, which had plush sofas and a large flat-screen TV. In the corner was a wet bar with a granite countertop. Both rooms had their own queen-sized bed and TV, with a large window that offered a different view of Chicago. The balcony overlooked the Chicago skyline.

Sydney could honestly say that suite was much better than her apartment and that was a sad admittance. “Not bad?”

“It’s pretty nice,” Dean smiled. He walked over to the sofa and plopped down on it. He stretched his legs out and turned on the TV. “You can go ahead and pick which room you want and I’ll get the other one.”

“That’s too kind but I don’t want to take advantage of it,” she replied, “I mean, you’re paying for this so you should have first dibs.”

“Ladies first.” His eyes smiled at her. “Besides, I saw the luggage you have. You need the bigger room.”

“I don’t have that much…” Sydney looked behind her and saw the two heavy suitcases behind her. One bag had street clothes; the other was full of wedding-related stuff that she had half a mind to hold onto, in case she had a surprise wedding number four to attend. “…Okay, so I have a bit of luggage.”

“A bit of luggage.” Dean repeated, enunciating every word. “That’s like being a little pregnant.”

“Shut up!” Sydney laughed and headed to her room. She moved her luggage to the corner and fell on top of the queen-sized bed. She barely kicked off one of her Nikes and stretched out.

What were the odds? Her meeting some famous – yet unknown to her – hockey player and he invites her to share his suite with her. Dangerous? Sure. Stupid? Not the dumbest thing she’s done.

Still, she didn’t feel like she was in danger being around Dean. But for safekeeping, she was going to lock her door when she slept. Okay, she was also going to put a blockade against it. In fact, she should probably sleep with something underneath her pillow just in case.

The last thought convinced Sydney that she should probably stop watching so many Lifetime movies.

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