Touch Me, Tease Me.

“You were always so difficult to read. Like you purposely built this Teflon exterior around you so no one can get in. And when things don’t go your way, you shut people out like they never existed at all. And you wonder why things ended up the way they did between us?” She gave a slight smile. “You are truly your worst enemy.”

“I’m not difficult to read, Mari,” he countered, “the problem is you’ve always read me very well. You just didn’t like what you’ve read. In terms of what had happened between us, I’ve owned up to it several times and to your face. Yet, you are so bent on being angry with me as if your anger towards me is feeding some unmet need in your life. You see, if your ex apologizes for all of the wrongs he’s done, well, that’s boring. But if you hold some sort of resentment against him, hmm…things are juicy now, aren’t they?” He got up, walked over to her, closing the distance, and backed her against the wall. He caressed her cheek and stared into her brown eyes, as a thumb softly played with her lips. “Aren’t you tired of always being so angry with me?”

Mariana took a few small breaths and hardened her eyes. His six-foot plus frame towered over hers. She read his eyes; they’d softened to a light green. He wasn’t angry with her, that she could tell. He was, if she dared thought, rather amused by what she was doing.

She didn’t like how his spicy cologne filled her nostrils, nor did she appreciate the fact she could see a small patch of hair peeking through his open collar. She felt his raw, sexual energy and her panties dampen with need and not the usual want.

She needed to keep this…whatever this was…professional. She came back to McCormick under the pretense that they would be professionals, despite any personal connections. They were never alone together and any group functions, they purposely stayed as far away from each other as humanly possible. For a while, it worked like a charm.

Now, she wasn’t so sure. She wanted to feel him inside her, on top, behind, and underneath her. She wanted to scream his name and beg for climax. Damn being nice for appearances sake. Damn their professionalism and keeping it strictly business. Damn it all.

She was about to open her mouth to welcome a kiss when he suddenly pulled back and opened the door for her. “Have a nice rest of the day.”

S&M IV, Part II. Release date TBD. Price TBD.

Let the courtship begin.

5 thoughts on “Touch Me, Tease Me.

  1. vickidg says:

    Scott knows what he is doing and since Mari is back at his company she should focus on herself. He can apologize but he doesn’t know what she went through and he needs to be made aware of that.

  2. staceymkindles says:

    Omg Scott is definitely teasing Mari right now and Mistress V so are you with this snippet but don’t stop them I look forward to them. I can tell this will be another five star read I can’t wait!

    • veraroberts says:

      One never really saw the courtship phase between Scott and Mariana. They went from lovers to being in a relationship very fast, so Part 2 will show how they can be as they try to ‘date.’

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