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Behind the Pen: Scott’s new girlfriend (spoiler alert)


It’s occurred to me that posts re Scott and Mariana get the most mileage so I figure, I’ll cater to what the blog audience wants.

Recently, I posted this picture (same one on the tumblr account) of actress Laura Prepon with the caption she’ll be Scott Reed’s new girlfriend. The reaction was…well, how can I say this gently…interesting.

The character, who hasn’t yet been named, is the best friend of Scott’s racist sister, Christine. The new girlfriend is also into kink. I’ma let you marinate on that for a minute and see where this is going.


Now I’m not going to explain nor waste time trying to convince you, the reader, why this is a good idea. Either you think it’s brilliant or stupid.

A part of me does wonder if the visceral reaction, which was far bigger than Scott’s pairing with Dove, has anything to do with the fact that his new girlfriend is a white girl, and many don’t want like consider Scott to actually date one. (I should note, given with Scott’s very open sexual and dating history, he’s probably dated a wide range of women from different backgrounds and ethincities.)

There are a few things that readers should note:

  1. Scott and Mariana are not a couple again…yet.
  2. Mariana is/was pregnant. (The storylines in I Need You and Wait for Love are very telling if you pay close attention to them.)
  3. Um…didn’t I just post that snippet of Scott proposing to Mariana? LOL

Scott’s new girlfriend will make her debut in Part 2, release date TBD.

And there you have it,



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10 thoughts on “Behind the Pen: Scott’s new girlfriend (spoiler alert)

  1. Scott seems to always get to have his cake and then some. At this point I think Mari should be thinking about her and the baby. What I love about her is that she’s not about games and she can make it with Scott. So I don’t think see should go back to his company where she will run into his new girl; therefore, she should be making plans to move on and concentrate on the baby.

  2. At this point, I’m like fuck Scott, the new girl, and the horse they rode in on. The fact she’s a friend of any kind of his KKK sister should be a red flag. Hopefully Mariana won’t let this latest development hinder her growth and independence from this schmuck.

  3. It’s all good and keeps me interested in the story. I feel like Scott has probably had every ethnic group that presented the opportunity. I am excited.

    1. I think with Scott, because he’s such an interesting and flawed character…what makes this storyline spectacular is he’s trying to cope without Mariana in his life and in Part 1, he struggled a lot with that so in Part 2, it’ll just continue. The fact she works for him again doesn’t help because they both will be subjected to each other’s romantic interests.

      It’s going to be explosive.

  4. Hmmm. I may have to go back and re-read some things. Actually, she’s kind of how I envisioned Sanora — not sure why that is. Yes, I will definitely have to re-read some stuff. I was like, wait, Scott’s girlfriend. She must be during the break-up and she’s not Dove either…or is this during the time when Mari is pregnant and Scott has kicked her to the curb… I’m in the middle of the road with this until I go back.. I buy the books as soon as they come out and read them right away, so now I have homework… And I’m not even in school yet… 🙂

    1. The new girlfriend is in a small space after Dove and right before Mariana. Small space – have to emphasize that.

      Honestly, it’s been so long since Scott has dated a white woman, I don’t think he would know what to do.

      As far as Sanora goes, you’re onto something. She has a very sultry look about her – dark hair, dark eyes, and petite (as in weight, not height). She’s curvy but that’s a question due to her plastic surgery or her African heritage. Whatever she looks like, her face…the way she carries herself…it screams POWER. She has a lot of it. She’s very wealthy (billionaire) and has other powerful connections courtesy of her father and husband. She’s boss.

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