#ManicMonday: The Love Below or the Hate Above?


“Have you heard anything from the baby’s father?” Meredith casually asked.

Simone glanced down at her feet. She successfully told the story that the baby’s father abandoned her the moment she got pregnant, forcing her to move back to Houston. Surprisingly, everyone bought the lie – even her nosey-ass, forever-instigating sister, Alicia, who was currently on baby daddy number three – a poor sap named Spencer, who Simone believed had a bra cup size that rivaled her own. Alicia openly bragged about having a good man as much as she could in front of Simone, seemingly rubbing it in that no matter how much money and success Simone accumulated, she would still be a single mother.

Melodramatic sister and baby father drama aside, Simone was too busy being focused on her problems. Throughout the pregnancy she contemplated contacting Eli to let him know what was going on with her, and possibly, with them. Each time she had the phone in her hand and ready to dial his number, she chickened out. Would he care about her still? Would he care about them? The way he discarded her throughout their relationship and didn’t bother to call her the morning after their breakup, told her everything she needed to know about his true feelings toward her. It didn’t take a genius to figure out if Eli ever wanted to leave Faith, he would’ve left her. It also didn’t take long to determine Simone played a perfect role in Eli’s intentions – a nice, new, shiny fuck toy.

At one point Eli did care about her and Simone was certain, that moment was sometime back in high school. Her heart burned with anger and she often silently wondered what Eli would do if she were to suddenly show up at his doorstep again with a baby – his baby – in tow. “No, I haven’t.”

The Love book will be out later this fall.

8 thoughts on “#ManicMonday: The Love Below or the Hate Above?

  1. vickidg says:

    Vera, Eli was dealing with past feelings for coconut but I didn’t see Faith as his familiar but where his heart and soul belongs. I think we forget that Eli’s mom didn’t like coconut when they were younger aka momma always knows. Also, something about Darren is still off: in her hotel room without her knowing and showing up at Tony’s shop for a cut….something isn’t right.

  2. Musings IRJ says:

    I’m not convinced Eli is the father. Simone is desperate enough to do anything to get him back, including sleeping with one of his own brothers or maybe his father. I’ve got conspiracy theories…

    • veraroberts says:

      I don’t know if the other brothers would. Nick doesn’t seem the type for an extramarital affair, same with Kieran. Joey is too busy with the twins and trying to become a billionaire. Tony? Maybe. He’s a proud ho.

      Now I wouldn’t put it past Giorgio to sleep with Moni and her daughter might end up being Eli’s sister.

    • veraroberts says:

      Side chicks get comfortable with the idea that they have something the main one doesn’t have, otherwise the guy wouldn’t be messing with them. I honestly feel with Eli, it was more of a ‘What could’ve been’ fantasy he fulfilled as oppose to true love. I have to say, if Faith didn’t start dating Darren, Eli probably would’ve kept Simone in the picture somehow.

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