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I always like to share little details that inspired some of the scenes in the series, like this one:

He saw her the moment he walked into EMK.


Scott briefly glanced at the DJ booth and saw B. spinning some tunes while Mariana sat behind him and twiddled something on her phone. She always had a bad habit of being on her phone, as if the damn device was glued to her fingertips. He was particularly annoyed that she would always be on her phone as they watched a movie. Then he discovered how well she could multitask and decided if she wanted to stay busy during a movie, she could blow him as well.

He blinked the memory out of his mind and motioned for one of the waitresses to tend to him upstairs in the main office as he waited for Jeff and Eric to arrive. He turned one of the cameras onto Mariana and hated the fact it was only a black and white camera. It was okay. He could use his imagination and strong memory to decipher what she wore.

She had on a dress with a plunging neckline and he remembered it was probably the one she wore to one of the charity functions she often accompanied him to. He imagined the bra and panty set she wore underneath was something he’d picked out for her. The black lacy set? Maybe. The white lacy set was actually his favorite and he loved the contrast against her dark skin.

Now another man was reaping benefits from seeing her naked. Another man was enjoying her incredible fellatio skills. Another man was riding in the car that he’d paid for. Another man would receive gifts from the money Scott had given Mariana for completing her tasks, assignments, and duties.

For the first time in his life, Scott could totally understand why OJ did it.

This scene was inspired by this skit:

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