#ManicMonday: When Love Calls (Jackson & Liane, Part 2) #romance #nook #kindle #ebook

“You have a spy here.”

Liane laughed as Jackson scrubbed her body. “Oh really? A Double-O Seven is here?” When she was met with Jackson’s silence, she turned around. His cobalt blue eyes hardened. “Are you serious?”

“Someone spotted you with me and reported back. It’s still unclear if they followed you here or they just happened to see you. But your people know you’re here.”

Liane felt her heart almost pound out of her chest. Her people could mean her family, her colleagues, her boss, and her friends. “Who?”

Jackson almost didn’t want to say his name but he had no other choice. “Enzo,” his baritone echoed in the bathroom.

Liane felt relief. She also felt incredible anger. The lunch conversation she had with him just before she left started to make more sense. “I don’t understand…why would he—”

“Trust, it makes perfect sense,” Jackson felt his anger boiling and sharply exhaled to release the frustration. Enzo got what he wanted with Angela and now he was interfering with Liane’s life. That was a no-no in Jackson’s book. “I’m going to talk to him.”

“Jackson,” she warned, “I don’t want trouble.”

“You will have trouble regardless if you want it or not,” he countered, “I’m going to make sure you won’t have anymore of it from him.”


When Love Calls (Jackson & Liane, Pt. 2) will be out next month.