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She stopped at his shaft and took a long lick of it with her tongue, outlining every inch of it. She inhaled his scent, swallowed his taste, and wanted more. She was amazed how hardened he became as if his mind was on overdrive and full arousal.

She licked the underside before she took him fully in her inviting mouth. She sucked him long and slow, relishing in his taste and scent. One hand cupped him while the other began a twisting motion as she sucked harder.

Then it happened. His body stilled and a soft high-pitched sound came out of his mouth. Sydney merely smiled as she continued. She promised Dean he would sing like a canary.

She abruptly stopped and rolled the condom on him. She adjusted her position and sank down on him, her eyes widening as he completely filled her. She let out a few quick breaths before she softly rocked against him, his hands guiding her hips before they cupped her breasts.


It would be the word Sydney would describe later to her girlfriends about the first thrust, the first kiss, and the first time she knew she was in love with him. There was intensity about Dean that she never knew she needed until he came along. He was the best friend who laughed at her. He was the protector who shielded her. He was lover, who made her discover things about her body that surprised her.

She moved at a steady pace, slowly increasing her tempo. Harsh, short breaths were forced out her mouth. Her heart felt like it was about to burst and calming warmth washed over her body. It was no longer him or her, but them. They were one with each other and in the universe. She knew the difference between love and sex, but this was a combination she’d never experienced.

Was she in love?

Each time she rocked against him, the deeper the emotions were. Maybe they could make a long distance relationship work? Maybe she could be a NHL girlfriend? Maybe, just maybe. She didn’t know Dean other than the very basic and maybe a few antidotes about his childhood and career. How could she be in love with someone she barely knew?

All Sydney knew was that, somehow, she was.

Dean suddenly pulled her down and their lips fused together once again. He thrust harder into her, wrapping his arms around her. He didn’t want to let her go, not then and not ever. There was a connection he felt with Sydney that he hadn’t experienced with any other woman, and he didn’t want to seek further.

Sydney rocked against him a little while longer, then her body stilled. A soft moan released from her mouth and her body slightly shuddered as she whimpered his name. Dean soon followed with his own release before he rolled her off and snuggled against her.

As Sydney fell asleep in his arms, Dean stared up at the ceiling. The weather forecast predicted the snowstorm was going to clear up overnight. All flights would be on time and Sydney would go back to San Francisco while he returned to Los Angeles. With her career in retail, there was no telling when she would be available to see him again. He didn’t expect her to give up her career just to be with him since they barely were a couple, if he could call them that.

He was already dreading the morning.

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